Axiom Verge Wiki

Obtained by using the Address Disruptor version 1 or 2, or the Address Bomb on all 60 enemies in the game in a single save-file.


It's notoriously hard to obtain due to enemies having variants or only showing up in one room.

Some common enemies missed are:

Ukhu Spawn - These are missable because they only occur during the battle with Ukhu.

Goolumn - These only appear in Zi.

Nrok - The Boulders in Kur.

Sentry Bot (Gold) - In E-Kur-Mah, they're only vulnerable to the Address Bomb.

Annihiwaiter - Only one innocuously appearing in Ukkin-Na.

Blurst - Their swarm is vulnerable, let them explode/hatch. They inhabit in Indi.

Donaught - The drones spawned during the last boss battle.

Trap Claw - These come in 3 colors, Default (Pink), Meta (Red), and Gamma (Blue). Search the upper-left of Eribu, the rare one leaves a stream of light.

Loop Diatom - These enemies come in two colors; Mulberry (Default) and Violet.

Volg - Found in central Edin, a hanging green pod in a 2x5 room.

Mutant - Comes in two colors.

Swarmily - Found in Eribu.