Axiom Verge Wiki

As we grow in numbers, it's important to establish some guidelines, rules, and/or etiquette for the community to follow. The point of this page is simply to set down some good practices that should help everyone maintain consistency and good form.

Be Courteous

Understand that this is a wiki, and therefore it belongs to the community as a whole. Respect each others' opinions and try to help others understand your viewpoint. Everyone has the right to discuss and add to any page (including this one!).

In the same vein, try not to remove things that others have written (except where content is blatantly or vandalized). There is usually a reason that something is written on a page. You can always reword or move something if it doesn't sound clear.

Sign In

Whenever possible, please try to be signed in for your edits. Firstly, because you want credit for your contributions :) But also, because it helps others understand who said what (especially on the forums), helps everyone keep track of changes, and also notifies you if you have messages from fellow community members.

Leave Comments

When you make an edit, there is a field for commenting on your changes. Each page does keep its own version history, but the comments make it very simple to understand a) what you changed and b) why you changed it.

Use in-game evidence

There are many ambiguities in Axiom Verge. If something would not be obvious to a first-time player, try to support your contributions with references to in-game content, such as Notes or Cutscenes.

The standing canon for the Story is the single-timeline of events, with what we are told later (near the end) being held as truths over what we are told earlier (near the beginning). If you have other ideas you wish to discuss, we would love to hear about them on the Forums.