Description Edit

These Ghouls are stronger, faster and jump higher than the Brown variety. When alerted to Trace's presence by being attacked or proximity, they hiss and sprint toward Trace pursuing him incessantly, constantly pouncing and clawing at him. They take many hits from most of Trace's weapons through a large portion of the game. In groups, they are dangerous if Trace gets cornered or overrun. They are very maneuverable and can jump higher than Trace (64). They have a tongue attack they can use if trace is in range. In some areas, they will hide underground, and ambush Trace when he's almost on top of one. Gray Ghouls are pale blue in color, with grey shorts, a long blue tongue, and a glowing cyan dot on their neck.

Strategy Edit

Gray Ghouls can run faster than Trace, and do not stop pursuing him easily once they start. It's not advantageous to run away from them unless you can quickly get out of their reach. It is best to attack them from a distance, or an unreachable perch. It is also best to take them on one at a time, not disturbing any others.

If encountering them on even ground, rapid firing of the Axiom Disruptor can kill them if started from far enough away, switching to the Kilver right before they are in range. If below or above them, they can often be damaged through the wall or floor using the Kilver when other weapons will not hit them. It is possible to learn their attack pattern, and run under them at the right time when they pounce without getting hit. If done right, they can be hit with the Kilver right before closing the gap, while above Trace, and again when landing.

If you can predict an encounter with a Gray Ghoul, it may be wise to send the Remote Drone out first, since its life bar is more easily renewed than Trace's.

Corrupted Form Edit

When corrupted, they move at less than 1/2 their original speed. In addition, if two corrupted Gray Ghouls come in contact with each other, they will do damage to (and possibly kill) each other.

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