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"Fires a grapple that allows you to swing from the rocks it latches onto."

The Grapple is a biomechanoid item that Trace can use to swing from the ceilings and platforms found around Sudra. The Grapple can be fired straight or diagonally upward and will latch onto the first surface it contacts. Trace can then hang indefinitely, re-position himself vertically, swing from side-to-side, or jump to a new surface. It is also a melee weapon that can damage enemies.

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The Grapple can be found in the large upper-right room in Kur. It can only be obtained after defeating Gir-Tab. If the game is played sequentially, the Grapple is needed in order to pass the high walls in Indi or Zi, allowing Trace to retrace his steps, re-enter Eribu and ultimately access Ukkin-Na.

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