Description Edit

Initially, these creatures are completely hidden in the solid terrain, curled into a sphere. When Trace is almost on top of them, they jump out of the solid blocks they are inside, destroying the blocks. They continue jumping when Trace is near. They can roll into a sphere and are impervious to attack while curled up. When airborne, they are vulnerable to Trace's weapons.

When jumping, their shell is equivalent to Trace's Laser Drill in it's block destroying ability, but instantly does 10000 damage to destructible blocks.

Corrupted Form Edit

When corrupted, they destroy the blocks underneath them as well as above. This makes their next jump easier to jump over if avoiding them rather than killing. They wait twice as long between repeated jumps too.

The corrupted block destroying ability of their shells is more powerful, equivalent only to corrupted Laser Urchin beams, corrupted Pink Giant Diatom, corrupted Spiru, corrupted Giant Greenworm and the Red Coat. It instantly does 10000 damage to blocks.

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