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"Fires a stream of flame."

The FlameThrower fires a stream of flame in a medium-range straight-line in front of Trace. It can be aimed in any direction and goes through walls. With its large damage area and small cooldown it is possibly the most versatile and powerful weapon in the game.

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The Flamethrower is in Eribu, to the left of the room where Trace found the Axiom Disruptor at the beginning of the game. Trace must break through the destructible blocks at the upper left of that room, pass through the door to the left, cross the corrupted blocks, use the Remote Drone in the top pool of water to descend below it, and ascend through two vertical doors.

Next Trace must use a certain Passcode to change the layout of the final room. This is hinted at in Proverb (Note). After all this, Trace can use the Red Coat in order to access the Flamethrower.

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