Field Disruptor

Description Edit

"Alters local physics to augment jumping ability."

The Field Disruptor is Axiom Verge's high-jump ability, allowing Trace to leap to new heights. It gives access to new platforms and generally makes traversal easier in the game. Without it, Trace can jump on top of terrain that is 4 blocks high. With it, he can jump on top of a platform 6 blocks high.

Notably, it does not increase Trace's jumping ability enough to get back to Absu from Zi. That requires the Grapple.

Also, right after that Firewall can be found in the wall in the next room with the red wasps. You can only obtain it after you obtain the Field Distruptor

Location Edit

The Field Disruptor can be found in the lower-right section of Kur. The player must drop down into a pit of sorts to get it and will not be able to jump out until the Field Disruptor is obtained, due to the height of the jump required.

Prerequisites Edit


Unlocks Edit

Health Node Fragment 14

Size Node 3

Bioflux Accelerator 1

Firewall 1

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Field Disruptor Pickup

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