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"Explodes into a powerful beam after a targeting period."

When fired, the Fat Beam fires a thin yellow targeting laser that causes a 2 second delay before an actual damaging beam fires which is wider than Trace's height. The attack button must be held for the full duration of targeting. Once the damaging beam is fired it continues firing for 4 seconds even if the attack button is not pressed. The beam can be fired in all 8 directions, and its direction of fire can be changed at any time during its operation. Being able to penetrate walls and attack enemies that are well outside of the screen bounds and its low damage period (it repeatedly hits enemies in short succession) make it a very useful weapon. However, it is not very good for close combat or rapidly moving enemies due to the targeting delay and relatively low damage compared to most short range weapons. It's best used to clear enemies from a great distance.


The Fat Beam can only be found in a Hard type Secret World. It is one of three weapons that can only be found in a Secret World. The entrance to the Secret World is randomly generated from the possible entrances in EdinE-Kur-Mah or Mar-Uru. Additionally, the layout of the Secret World is randomly generated, therefore the placement in the weapon will vary. Only one of these three weapons may be found in each play-through of the game; The other two possible weapons are the Scissor Beam and the Heat Seeker.


  • Varies; The Red Coat will probably be necessary.

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