Eribu Map
Eribu is the starting area of Axiom Verge. It is a dreary cave area filled with rocks as well as strange red bubbles. There are many secrets, weapons and upgrades in this area, many of which can only be reached after obtaining one or more upgrades from other areas.

This is where "Trace Prime" arrived many years earlier and where he first found out about the advanced technology the Sudrans built. In the room above the first Rebirth Chamber Trace wakes up from at the beginning of the game, he can find the wheelchair "Trace Prime" arrived on and a faded note "Trace Prime" wrote after using the Rebirth Chamber.


Boss Edit

Xedur Variant

Standard Edit

Red Nautilus (39), Hive (6), Purple Wasp, Spiru (7), Green Glider (22), Large Butterfly (1), Small Butterfly (10), Purple Scissorbeak (4), Green Cephalopod (7), Blue Nautilus (6), Red Scissorbeak (5), Sudran Squid (2), Cyan Scissorbeak (6), Gray Ghoul (7), Purple Sentry (7), Green Sea Sponge (2), Slug (4), Slug Swarm, Will o Wisp (8), Laser Urchin (10), Ancient Sentry (4)

Other Edit

Red Bubbleblock, Streeg (2 stuck in inaccessible wall areas)







See the Passcodes page for information on locations of Passcodes.

Connected ZonesEdit

Possible Secret World Entrances Edit

17 - Medium Difficulty

Etymology Edit

Eribu is the Sumerian for "enter".[1] This makes sense, since Eribu is the game's starting area, and presumably the first place Trace Prime came to when arriving on Sudra.

Music Edit

The song that plays while Trace is in Eribu is "Trace Awakens". It can be replayed using the Passcode TRACK0-000002.

References Edit

  1. Taken from this post on Reddit. See also this website, which confirms the same.
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