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"Distorts the underlying lattice of space."

The Distortion Field creates a short-range circular warping effect in front of Trace. This effect can penetrate through walls. The size and useage is similar to the Kilver. Unlike the Kilver, this weapon can be fired continuously by holding the attack button down. This weapon can stun enemies.

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The Distortion Field is found in central Edin, in a room filled with Giant Greenworms just to the left of the right-most save room. The Giant Greenworms can be corrupted to destroy the upper-right roof blocks clearing the path to the weapon. Trace must then use the Trenchcoat and Enhanced Drone Launch to hatch the drone far up the vertical shaft that was cleared, then the Drone Teleport and the Trenchcoat once again to teleport up through the solid terrain above. See gallery picture below.

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