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Daraga is a Rusalka who appears in Ukkin-Na for a brief window during the game events of Axiom Verge. She can be seen floating in the sky in the room where the Vision fight takes place, but only after said fight and before Elsenova becomes fully repaired and occupies the room.

Daraga is noted on her Steam Card as a "minor" Rusalka, presumably due to her small size. [1]

If Trace fires the Remote Drone into Daraga's mouth, she will carry it up to the entrance to the room containing the Turbine Pulse. The Remote Drone can then be used to drill a path in the left wall up to the higher ledge, allowing early access to the Turbine Pulse.

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Daraga Floating In Ukkin-Na

Daraga, seen with her mouth open, floating in Ukkin-Na.

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