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"Fire to launch a remote drone, which you may detonate at any time to return to Indra."

Damu and Indra.

Damu is an Arm in Axiom Verge 2. He is a child who gives Indra the ability to use a drone. He also appears to be closest to Indra, as she seems very fond of him, as well as feeling bad for him.


Upon his discovery, Indra is very surprised to find Damu is a child, unlike the other Arms who appear to be adults. Indra feels sorry for him, saddened by his fate being trapped in an urn ever since the Udug war.

Through their journeys, Damu and Indra appear to care very much about each other, shown by Damu pleading with Indra not to follow the Lamassu's wishes, as he didn't want her to die. After Amashilama betrays Indra, Damu apologizes to Indra, saying he had no idea this would have happened. He also laments over not being able to turn Indra human.

Later in the game, Indra encounters the machines in which humans are turned into Arms. Damu tells her how this is where he was transformed, as it was theorized a younger mind would be more adaptable and capable. However, the war ended just after his creation, so he was cast aside.


Damu's urn.

He is found in sector 24,6 on Mount Ebih next to a Breach portal.


Damu himself is likely the original source of the Pathogen that wipes out the Sudrans in Axiom Verge. When the Damu drone interacts with humans from a close distance on Kiengir, they are immediately infected with a pathogen that turns them into Proto-Xedur two hours later.[1] Damu is unaware of the interaction and cannot control it. He may also be the Eternal Arm that is unable to be destroyed, and can reform itself to any shape.

Athetos presumptively acquired this pathogen in some way and re-engineered it work on Sudrans, but humans are still impacted and appear to have similar effects as the version on Kiengir. Athetos further tweaked the pathogen to create more powerful variants, such as Xedur Hul.