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Cutscenes[1] are in-game story telling sequences, usually involving conversations between Axiom Verge's characters. The player will not be able to control Trace or Indra during cutscenes and will instead be able to advance the dialogue. In some cases, the game may switch to full-screen video while dialogue takes place over the top.

All cutscenes in Axiom Verge can be played back using the Passcode Tool with the passcode CUTSCE-NE0001, where "0001" can be replaced with values between "0000" and "0044".

WARNING: Save first! This can sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive!

List of Cutscenes[]

Axiom Verge[]

00 through 10
CUTSCENE 0000 - 

Elsenova: ...Trace ...

Elsenova: ...Wake up, Trace...

CUTSCENE 0001 - 

Trace: Ugh... what happened?

Elsenova: Trace... there is... gun... in next room.

Elsenova: You must get it.

Trace: Wait, what's going on? Where are you?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: Hello?

Trace: Where am I?

CUTSCENE 0002 - 

Trace, after picking up the Axiom Disruptor: Is this the gun that lady mentioned? Or did I just imagine her?

Elsenova: ... Sorry, I am very weak. You must go, now! Before he finds you ...

Trace: Before WHO finds me? What's going on?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: ...I guess she's gone again.

CUTSCENE 0003 - 

Trace, after first in-game death: Gaaah! What just happened?!

Elsenova: ... You died ... we saved your ... mind machines ...

Trace: WHAT??

Trace: I'm sorry miss. I think - HOPE - I'm misunderstanding something. Could you try rephrasing that?

Trace: Hello?

Trace: Oh, man. This is insane! I died? Am I still... me?

CUTSCENE 0004 - 

Trace, confronting Xedur: Crap, I'm trapped!

Xedur: DEMON

Trace: Woah, hey- you can talk! Listen, I'm, uh, lost, and...


CUTSCENE 0005 - 

[First meeting with Elsenova]

Elsenova: Trace...

Elsenova: My name is Elsenova.

Trace: Are you the voice I've been hearing?

Elsenova: Yes... we are connected through mind machine.

Elsenova: I need you to fix power filter... I am dying.

Trace: Power filter?? Uh, I guess I can try; where is it?

Elsenova: Not near...

Elsenova: ...I am sorry, I need rest now... bye...

Trace: Hey, wait! Where are we?

Trace: This is definitely not good...

CUTSCENE 0006 - 

Trace, confronting Telal: Oh crap... an even bigger one.

Telal: DEMON

Trace: Look, I mean no harm! Please, can we just talk it out?

Telal: TALK

Trace: Yeah, ok!

Trace: So, my name is Trace, and I have no idea how I got here, but-


Trace: Have it your way, then.

CUTSCENE 0007 - 

Elsenova, upon the discovery of a Secret World: Trace! Turn back! This place is... artifact.

Trace: Like some kind of dimensional rift?

Trace: What if there's something I need in here?

Elsenova: No... it is dangerous. Flotsam, jetsam... caused by Breach.

Trace: Is there radiation or something in here?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: Well, that's not exactly reassuring.

CUTSCENE 0008 - 

Trace, discovering Veruska: Another one of these?

Trace: Hello, miss? Are you awake?

Elsenova: Trace, that is Veruska. She is in great need of repair drones.

Elsenova: She is very dangerous... but she is our ally.

Trace: Dangerous? I mean, I'd figured you were sort of... networked supercomputers or something.

Elsenova: No. Our word is "Rusalki"... it is like... water machine?

Elsenova: But we have all been damage... this situation you see is emergency.

Elsenova: If you can enable repair drones, it will greatly help.

Trace: So just the "Power Filter" isn't enough?

Elsenova: That is bare minimum for survival...

Trace: Okay, hang in there. Whatever you are, I'm not going to let you die without a fight.

Elsenova: Thank you...

CUTSCENE 0009 - 

Trace, confronting Uruku: Oh, crap.


Trace: Here goes nothing...

CUTSCENE 0010 - 

Trace, obtaining the White Lab Coat. It's an old labcoat, like from the laser lab.

Trace: Though the inner layer is different... looks biomechanoid, like my gun.

Trace: How the hell did it get here?

11 through 20
CUTSCENE 0011 - 


Trace, enabling the Power Filter: Hopefully this is the "power filter" that Elsenova was talking about.

Elsenova: ...Yes... I still need some time for poison to clear, but I will be OK now.

Trace: Are you well enough to tell me what's going on?

Elsenova: Yes. But it is long story.

Trace: I'm listening.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Elsenova: There are two sides to universe- Worldstream and Breach. Breach is like storm- deadly, cannot be pass.

Elsenova: This planet, Sudra, is designed to keep Breach in check. But then, many years in past, a man came through.

Elsenova: His name is Athetos. Athetos is PatternMind- powerful manipulator.

Elsenova: He infected all of Sudra with pathogen. Only we survive- Rusalki, like me.

Elsenova: To trap us, he used Breach Attractor.

Elsenova: Breach surrounds entire world now, and we cannot leave. But Athetos is win. Soon, he will destroy us, and enter rest of Worldstream.

[Cinematic sequence ends]

Elsenova: Trace, my "sister"- Ophelia- find you in Breach. Only you, no other, can stop Athetos.

Trace: She "found" me in this Breach? What exactly does that mean?

Elsenova: Unfortunately, I am not knowing. Only Ophelia entered Breach, and she is damage.

Trace: Okay, so why me? The whole "chosen one" story doesn't inspire much confidence...

Elsenova: Only Ophelia knows. This is my next task, also: Enable repair drones to fix Ophelia and other Rusalka.

Elsenova: Ophelia has way to circumvent pathogen. which you will want.

Trace: Am I in danger? Or could I already be infected and not know it?

Elsenova: Pathogen is now in all creatures here... but you can heal inside egg. So, maybe not?

Trace: Thanks for being so forthcoming about all this.

Trace: I'll help you- not that it seems like there's a choice.

Trace: But I'm going to expect some answers from your friend.

Elsenova: Okay, go. I am always watch you; if you need me, call.

CUTSCENE 0012 - 

Trace, obtaining the Bioflux Accelerator 1: A syringe lying in the middle of a room? That's just a bit ominous.

Elsenova: This contains, how you say, small blood machines? Like in your mind.

Elsenova: They can provide powerful modification. Please, take them!

Trace: Don't tell me you want me to stick myself with this thing?!

Elsenova: Too late; I have transferred necessary info using near connection. Your body will produce, now.

Trace: Injection over wireless? Somehow that's even MORE terrifying.

Trace: What did you do to me?

Elsenova: You will find this useful. But, only works if you are uninjured.

Trace: Thanks- I guess.

CUTSCENE 0013 - 

Trace, confronting Gir-Tab: Surprise, surprise; it's another giant, armed monster!

Gir-Tab: WHO IS it?? ARE you DEMON??

Trace: No, just a normal guy. Trust me, I don't even want to be here.

Gir-Tab: IT carries WEAPONS... but LOOKS like...


Trace: I only carry this gun to defend myself. If you just let me be, I won't use it.

Gir-Tab: CANNOT trust SELF... Cannot trust ATHETOS! But, to be safe...


CUTSCENE 0014 - 

Trace, after killing Gir-Tab: That one seemed almost reluctant to fight. Elsenova, what's going on?

Elsenova: Athetos' soldiers were originally normal humans.

Elsenova: He used his pathogen to transform them.

Elsenova: But, sometimes, they remember small part of who they once were.

Trace: So I've been killing innocent people?!

Elsenova: No. They were... those most loyal to him.

Elsenova: They helped him spread pathogen.

Trace: Okay, maybe they're not innocent, but still, they're people.

Trace: Is there some way I could get by with NOT killing them?

Elsenova: No. At least, I do not think so.

Elsenova: But, Trace, if you had been here...

Elsenova: would not want them to live, either.

CUTSCENE 0015 - 

[Discovering Katrahaska's body]

Elsenova: Trace, this was Katrahaska.

Elsenova: She was ally of Athetos... she tried to kill us, but we stopped her.

Trace: So she's dead.

Trace: All of you look rather immobile, you know. How did you even fight?

Elsenova: Drone. It was all we had after everyone died.

Elsenova: But then Athetos disabled even those.

CUTSCENE 0016 - 

[Repair drones reactivated]

Elsenova: Thank you. The drones can now begin repairing us.

Trace: So what now?

Elsenova: It would be good to make sure Ophelia is repaired.

Elsenova: She has way to bypass pathogen. Also, you wanted to ask her about Breach.

Trace: That's the key to this whole thing, right?

Trace: Athetos is using the Breach to trap you here while slowly killing you off?

Elsenova: Yes. So, ultimate goal is stopping Athetos, with secondary goal finding Ophelia.

Elsenova: But you will need to look for ways of reaching them.

Trace: That makes sense. Let's see what I can find up ahead.

CUTSCENE 0017 - 

Veruska, awakening: Ah, the membrane parts, and lo, a foreign body enters the rift!

Elsenova: Trace, that is Veruska. Thanks to you, the repair drones have revived her.

Trace: I'm glad to see you're okay. So... what is it you do here?

Veruska: I am but a humble predator, like yourself. We have much in common.

Trace: Predator? Maybe you can explain that a bit?

Veruska: I speak of the exposed, trembling viscera of a riven red;

Veruska: the succulent organelles of life, excised, masticated, and ultimately-

Elsenova: Veruska is... dreamer. Special kind of Rusalka for making mind worlds.

Veruska: We all make mind worlds, my dear, just not everybody admits to it.

Veruska: Anyway, some time ago, I stole one of Athetos' devices. But I could not make it work.

Veruska: You can find it in the back.

Trace: Sounds good.

Trace: And, uh, nice meeting you.

CUTSCENE 0018 - 

[Returning to Elsenova]

Elsenova: Trace... It has been long time since meeting in person.

Trace: You're looking a lot better.

Elsenova: Thank you. Repair drones have restored my plating. But work is far from finished.

Trace: You mean this isn't the final product?

Elsenova: Not even little bit. But we don't have time for full restoration.

Trace: Well, I guess if I'm ever to see what that looks like, I'd better get going.

Elsenova: Take care. I will watch over you.

Note: It is possible to play through the game without ever seeing this cutscene, if you do not go back to Elsenova's chamber.

CUTSCENE 0019 - 

Trace, seeing a hallucination of himself in Ukkin-Na: What the hell?! Elsenova! Did you see that?!

Elsenova: Sorry, no. What did you see?

Trace: There was a man who looked just like me, standing over there, then he ran away!

Elsenova: Very strange; I did not see this.

Trace: I'm going after him. Keep your eyes open! Or whatever it is you do.

CUTSCENE 0020 - 

Trace, chasing his hallucination: Hey you! Stop!

Elsenova: Trace, there is nothing.

Trace: He was RIGHT THERE.

Elsenova: Trace, I think you should find Ophelia soon.

Elsenova: Please, tell me if you see more strange things.

Trace: You mean that totally unironically, am I right?

21 through 30
CUTSCENE 0021 - 

[Trace begins feeling the effects of The Pathogen]

Trace: Whew, pretty hot in this place.

CUTSCENE 0022 - 

Trace, feeling the effects of The Pathogen: Ugh... Elsenova... something's wrong; I don't feel well.

Elsenova: I was afraid of this. Athetos's pathogen is starting to affect you.

Elsenova: But, I think Ophelia is near. She can fix. Just try to stay calm.

Trace: Thanks, Athetos.

Trace: I mean Elsenova.

Trace: Sorry... Think I'll just shut up and keep moving.


[Trace hallucinates an impostor Ophelia face]

Impostor: Well, it's about time.

Trace: Oh, sorry. Are you Ophelia?

Impostor: There's no such thing as Ophelia.

Trace: If there isn't, then how did you even know who I was talking about?

Impostor: You know the answer to that.

Trace: Because you're a hallucination, right? That pathogen is making me see things?

Trace: Crap, I'd better get moving.

CUTSCENE 0024 - 

Trace: That's odd; the drone won't launch.

Trace: The rest of the gun seems to be working, though.

CUTSCENE 0025 - 

[Trace enters the Vision battle]

Trace: Crap, I'm trapped!

Elsenova: Trace, please, just stay put. I have made contact with Ophelia.

Trace: Elsenova, that man... from before... he's here!

Hallucination: DEMON

Trace: Wait, I'm no demon!

Trace: Am I?


Trace: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!!!

CUTSCENE 0026 - 

[The Vision is defeated]


CUTSCENE 0027 - 

[Trace awakens with Ophelia]

Trace: So I'm still... here.

Ophelia: I've cleared out the bioflux. Your nanogates should take care of the rest.

Elsenova: Trace, this is Ophelia. It it she who brought you to Sudra.

Trace: Okay, Ophelia. Why exactly would you do that?

Ophelia: Several reasons, but mainly because you, like Athetos, are a PatternMind.

Ophelia: It means only you could survive Athetos' pathogen.

Ophelia: It also makes you the only person capable of using Athetos' weapons, like that gun.

Ophelia: In short, you were the only chance we had to defeat him.

Trace: So what makes Athetos and I "PatternMinds"? Something we were born with, or something that happened?

Ophelia: To be honest, we don't know.

Ophelia: Within the Breach, there are many worlds. Athetos came from one, so that's where we started.

Ophelia: I entered the Breach, where I learned about PatternMinds- special individuals who can manipulate reality at will.

Ophelia: Using a special device called a Scry, we searched for another PatternMind that could stop him.

Ophelia: We found only you, on your world- Earth- and extracted you.

Ophelia: We know for sure that you're a PatternMind, but not why. We were hoping YOU could tell us that.

Trace: Nope. I'm pretty normal. And I'm fairly confident there's no secret magic going on in my DNA or anything.

Trace: Are you sure you're not leaving something out?

Elsenova: We are sure. Regardless, you are doing well. Breach attractor- and Athetos- are in elevator above us.

Elsenova: Destroy it, and we can take care of rest.

Elsenova: But, getting inside may take some time yet.

Trace: And then?

Elsenova: You are done. We send you back home.

Trace: Okay. Looks like I'm off to see the wizard, then...

CUTSCENE 0028 - 

Trace, finding Axiom 1 (Note): (This axiom ... it's from my paper. The one that earned me that nickname...)"

CUTSCENE 0029 - 

[Trace discovers the Aborted Clone]

Trace: Oh God, what the hell is this?!

Aborted Clone: ...GRRRROOOOOAAARRR...

Ophelia: Trace, that is an... aborted... clone of Athetos.

Elsenova: This is how Athetos makes soldiers.

Trace: Oh.

Trace: What do I do? Can't he be healed?

Ophelia: It is too late. He's dying. He should not even have survived this long.

CUTSCENE 0030 - 

Trace, after finding the Aborted Clone: I've had it. I can't do this anymore.

Trace: I know I'm him.

Trace: In some messed up way, I'm Athetos.

Trace: So tell me, now, what the hell is going on?!

Elsenova: Ophelia.

Ophelia: It's true. You are Athetos- or would be, if you continued on as you were.

Ophelia: But you were not one of these clones.

Ophelia: The Athetos that made these is much older. Changed.

Elsenova: After Athetos arrived here, we discovered it was not for first time.

Ophelia: He apparently made his way here once before, when he was your age.

Ophelia: Legend has it he was kinder, then. And he used one of the rebirth chambers.

Trace: Let me get this straight; I came here at some point years ago, before this plague happened?

Ophelia: Yes. And you used a rebirth chamber.

Trace: The red mechanical egg I woke up in. But clearly that wasn't the first time, or we'd have no Athetos.

Ophelia: The original exited the chamber and became Athetos; you are a copy made from the data left behind.

Ophelia: We gambled that a much younger Athetos would be different. That you would help us.

Trace: So why don't I remember coming here? Copy or not, I shouldn't have had any sense of time passage.

Trace: It should have felt like any other time I stepped into an egg and stepped immediately out.

Ophelia: We don't know. All of this happened long ago- hundreds of years ago, even. Data degradation?

Ophelia: What exactly do you remember?

Trace: You first. What made Athetos want to attack this world? Or is that part even true?

Elsenova: It is true. It is entire reason we are here.

Ophelia: The years have changed him, Trace... he was in the Breach for a long time.

Ophelia: We don't know what happened there.

Trace: I need to talk to him. He'll tell me what's going on. That's what I'd do.

Elsenova: No. You will continue on as planned.

Trace: And how are you going to make me do that, exactly?

Elsenova: Like this.

Trace: GAAAAH!!!! Something's wrong!! I'm... I'm-

[Trace dies]

NOTE: Replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to die and go back to his most recent save point.

31 through 40
CUTSCENE 0031 - 

Trace, after Elsenova kills him: GAAAAH!! Holy crap, that was excruciating!

Ophelia: Trace, are you okay?

Trace: Hell NO!! What just happened?!

Ophelia: Elsenova...

Ophelia: She hates Athetos. And, as you pointed out, you are him.

Trace: Just now, what happened to me- did she...?

Ophelia: Yes. She can shut down your nanogates at any time.

Ophelia: I brought you back. This goes much faster with your help.

Ophelia: Please, find Athetos and speak with him, if that's what you want. You don't have to fight him.

Ophelia: We just need the Breach attractor shut down. Can you do that?

Trace: Okay.

Trace: But no killing him.

Ophelia: Agreed.

Ophelia: I'm going to talk to Elsenova. She'll come around.

CUTSCENE 0032 - 

Ophelia, upon Trace discovering the Rusalki bodies: In case you were wondering what our bodies look like.

Trace: What are you talking about? Those big things back there?

Ophelia: Hundreds of years old, but, intact. More or less.

Ophelia: Even self-repairing technology has its limits.

Trace: So, you have bodies...

Trace: I supposed to help you attach your heads onto these things?

Ophelia: I don't think that's necessary. The repair drones will be more than adequate.

Ophelia: But I wanted to prepare you for what is to come.

Trace: Rusalki...

Ophelia: That is the word in Elsenova's language.

Trace: These things are huge. Why do you even need me?

Ophelia: You're still the only one who can get close enough to Athetos to disable the Breach Attractor.

Ophelia: But, you're right- one on one against our true forms, he wouldn't post even a slight threat.

CUTSCENE 0033 - 

Elsenova, after finding the impassible yellow wall in E-Kur-Mah: Trace, I have seen this kind of barrier before.

Elsenova: It requires special key to bypass. Physical object, carried by Sudrans.

Trace: Okay.

Trace: Are you going to apologize for killing me earlier?

Ophelia: Trace, that WAS her apology.

Trace: I think I'll just go look for the damned key now, thanks.

NOTE: If you get the Sudran Key before going to this wall, you will not trigger this cutscene.

CUTSCENE 0034 - 

[Trace encounters Elsenova in her true form]

Elsenova: Trace...

Trace: Wow. Elsenova?

Elsenova: Yes. Drones repaired my body before other Rusalki.

Elsenova: Trace, I am sorry for my reaction earlier.

Elsenova: You should not carry blame for Athetos' crimes.

Trace: Okay...

Elsenova: Ahead is elevator to breach. Athetos is inside.

Elsenova: I do not ask you to kill him. Just shut down Breach attractor.

Elsenova: But, he will try to stop you. As always, there is weak point. Find and destroy it.

Elsenova: Once Breach recedes, I can help. But I cannot survive in Breach, so, be careful.

Trace: Athetos lives, okay? We can lock him up or something. But no killing.

Elsenova: No killing.

Trace: Thank you.

Trace: So. This is you?

Elsenova: I was originally... soldier. Does it frighten you?

Trace: I think I was already at some point beyond fear.

Trace: Ah, crap. I forgot what I was going to say.

Trace: Thanks for apologizing. Please don't kill me again.

Elsenova: I won't.

Elsenova: Be careful. Athetos is devious. You cannot trust him.

Trace: I'll keep that in mind.

CUTSCENE 0035 - 

Trace, encountering Ukhu: Ah crap. This one doesn't even look partially human.

CUTSCENE 0036 - 

[Trace encounters Xedur Hul Variant]

Xedur Hul: DEMON

Trace: WRONG! It's me, Athetos! OBEY ME!


Trace: Well, it was worth a try.

Trace: Looks like I'm not actually trapped here, so, maybe I can just pass through?

CUTSCENE 0037 - 

[Trace confronts Athetos, seeing him in the tank for the first time]

Trace: So, it's you.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Athetos: Yes. I have been wondering when you'd come.

[Cinematic sequence ends]

Trace: It's been a long time since I've seen another human...

Trace: What is this contraption you're in? Are you okay?

Athetos: It protects me from the pathogen. I previously used a much more portable device... but the Rusalki destroyed it. This ungainly machine merely prolongs my demise.

Trace: Is it true that you released the pathogen on the whole world? Intentionally?

Athetos: Yes.

Trace: Then you'd better do some explaining.

Athetos: If I tell you too much, your captors will have to kill you. But, try this:

Athetos: Long ago, this world- Sudra- was the doorway to an unrivaled civilization. Like a port on the way to the greatest nation ever envisioned. But the port had a collapse. By the time I came, they barely remembered who they were. They regarded their own technology with superstition and religious reverence.

Athetos: When I first crossed the Breach from Earth to Sudra, I was expecting to find enlightenment. Instead, I discovered that they were using the Breach to keep out the greater universe. In their superstitious culture, the outside universe is taboo. For this, I do not regret removing the main obstacle in my path

Trace: You'd resort to genocide just for that?

Athetos: Imagine millennia of scientific, cultural, and technological progress. A civilization so advamced that our world is paleolithic by comparison-- that is what lies beyond the breach. Death, disease, war, famine- these could all become things of the past. But the Sudrans were obstinate. This was the forbidden fruit. The loss of a single people balanced against the whole of humanity... how else could I choose?

Trace: Well, you did it. You have the Breach Attractor now. Why not just shut it down?

Athetos: The Rusalki were the flaw in my plan. They are masters of war. If I disable the Breach Attractor, I free them, too. But Trace, with you at my side, we have a chance. Will you help me?

Trace: Hmm, let me think about that for a bit.

Trace: Okay, I've thought about it, and my answer is...

Trace: ...hell no, you self-righteous jerk!

Athetos: So be it, then.

NOTE: Playing this cutscene will also trigger the final boss battle music.[2]

CUTSCENE 0038 - 

Athetos: So ... it appears I have lost.

Trace: Elsenova! We did it! The Breach is gone!

Elsenova: I'm sorry, but there is one more thing I need to do.

Trace: You're going to kill him, aren't you?

Trace: He can't do anything now. Just leave him!

Elsenova: Unfortunately that's not a chance we can take.

Athetos: This was inevitable, Trace. Do not blame yourself.

Trace: Athetos...

[Elsenova kills Athetos]

CUTSCENE 0039 - 

Trace: So that's it.

Trace: I'll never know if...

Trace: I mean... what if he could have been redeemed?

Elsenova: Trace, you are not him. He chose wrongly, not you.

Elsenova: But now, it is time for you to go home.

Trace: Go home? As the clone of a mass murderer? What's even there for me?

Elsenova: Do not worry, we have taken care of it.

Trace: What's happening? ... I'm suddenly exhausted ...

Elsenova: Rest, now.

Elsenova: Perhaps we'll meet again sometime?

Trace: Wait ... please ...

[Trace faints]

NOTE: Interestingly, replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to faint, but you can get right back up after.

CUTSCENE 0040 -  

Opening cinematic.[2]

41 through 44
CUTSCENE 0041 [2] - 

[After Trace faints from the Pathogen]

Trace: Ugh... where am I?

Unknown voice (likely a nurse): Safe. This is the trauma ward.

Trace: ...everything hurts... how bad is it?

Nurse: This may be hard to accept, but... your injuries were severe.

Nurse: You will never see, nor walk, ever again.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Trace, now narrating: I remember now.

Trace: While I'd assumed this was all connected to the lab explosion... in fact, that was just an unrelated accident.

Trace: A frozen pressure valve, of all things.

Trace: Boom. How could I have forgotten? I'd survived the blast, and awoken.

Trace: And for months, was locked in darkness.

Trace: I was broken. Not just blind, but crippled. But as I lay there helpless, thinking... I had an epiphany.

Trace: An idea that would soon become a scientific breakthrough.

Trace: I worked with Dr. Hammond, who had recovered completely. Together, we published a new Theory of Everything.

Trace: It was a rewriting of physics. The media got wind, and loved it. But the physics community decried it as pseudoscience.

Trace: I was blacklisted. And given a nickname: "Athetos" - without place.

Trace: That's where the memories end. Over a year of my life, completely forgotten ... and somehow, I'm him. Athetos. Elsenova knows this, but she thinks that I don't.

CUTSCENE 0042 - First ending. [2] 

Trace: As for what happened next ...

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Trace: I was back. But this was different. It was as if nothing ever happened.

Trace: The laser lab had still collapsed. But I was uninjured - and nobody else seemed to think that was strange.

Trace: I didn't stick around much longer.

Trace: I tried to go back to my former life, but it felt ... wrong. I didn't know who I was anymore, or where I belonged.

Trace: I had to get back to Sudra. To find the truth of things. I started with what I'd learned there.

Trace: I was determined to get to the bottom of it. That was all I had left.

CUTSCENE 0043 - Second ending. [2] 

Trace: I've almost got it ... just a bit more -

Trace: Who's there?

[Camera pans to Athetos standing in the doorway]

Athetos: There's no use running from your own self. [Camera pans down to show he's holding a gun] Time to wake up, Trace.

[Athetos shoots Trace]

CUTSCENE 0044 - Third ending. [2] 

Trace: And ... done. Boy do I rule!

Trace: Who's there?

[Camera pans to Athetos standing in the doorway]

Trace: Athetos?!

Athetos: Did you really think you could escape? After all, there's no use running from your own self.

Axiom Verge 2[]

In Axiom Verge 2, there is no natural way for Indra to pick up the Passcode Tool, however, inputting the directional portions of the Konami Code on the title screen will cause Indra to have the Passcode Tool in her inventory upon starting a new file.[3]

00 through 10
CUTSCENE 0000[2]

In the year 2007, a young scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Hammond, revolutionized the world as we know it with the invention of the first ever "ansible", or superluminal communicator.

Zero latency computing soon became the standard, and Hammond Corp a household name.

But in 2053, a bizarre, unexplained tragedy befell Jones Station, Antarctica, when an entire research team helmed by Hammond Corp vanished without a trace.

Dr. Hammond was with them. She was never seen again.

Without its CEO, her company floundered.

Indra Chaudhari, founder and CEO of the Globe 3 conglomerate, seized the opportunity to purchase the majority of Hammond Corp and its subsidiaries, thus eliminating her biggest competitor.

The acquisition included Hammond's original Ansible prototype. When Indra powered it up, she received a message:

"Come to Antarctica if you wish to see your daughter again."

As it happened, Globe has just inherited Hammond Corp's contract for the defunct Jones Station, Antarctica. What would she find there?


Stan: The base is just ahead, ma'am. You sure this is legal?

Indra: Probably. Just get us there safely.

Stan: Will do, ma'am. Prepare for landing.


Indra: Stan, please wait with the chopper while I get the power online.

Indra: This place hasn't been occupied for over a year.

Stan: Will do, ma'am. Call me when you're ready.


Stan: Just taking it all in, ma'am. Never been to Antarctica before.


Indra: It's an old ansible. Why would they have one of these here?


Indra: There's a message on the ansible screen.


Ansible: There is a secret door Past the 3 bookshelves on floor 1. <EOM>

Indra: Who is this? Why did you send me here?

Indra, getting up: No response.

Indra: Okay, I'll play your game. For now.


Indra: The hell was that?

Voice: Hello? Have you come back for me?

Indra: Hey! Is someone else down here?

Voice: Yes. But I need help. Please, I am further down.

Indra: Ok, I'm coming.


Amashilama: Not to alarm you, but your new body is too dense to float.

Amashilama: However, you no longer need to breathe, which should help.

Indra: (It just gets weirder. What the hell did she do to me?!)


Indra: Now here's an interesting gadget...

Voice: Did you find the compass? Good. You can use it to locate me.

Indra: If I can figure out how to use it, you mean.


Indra: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

11 through 20

Indra: Oh god ... it's FREEZING!

Voice: You are close now. Do you see a pot, or urn?

Indra: I can't see a goddamn thing... give me a sec.


Indra: The water's rising.

Voice: Look for the urn. It will help.

Indra: Ok, ok, I'm looking.


Indra: I think I see the urn...

Indra: ..but there's a grating in the way...


Indra: How am I going to get out of this?


Indra: So this is where it ends ...

Indra: I guess it's just as well.

Indra: I deserved this.


Indra: Ughhhh... What happened?

Voice: You found my urn. I was able to... rebuild you.

Indra: Just what ... what the hell are you?

Voice: I am an Arm. An intelligent collection of machines. And a part of you, now.

Indra: Oh. Shit.

Voice: My name is Amashilama. It is an honor to have a new Wielder.

Indra: (I've got to get out of here... Find someone who can get this thing out of me!)


Indra: What was the deal with those drones? They don't look like something Hammond Corp would have made.

Amashilama: They were sent by the Lamassu - a sort of machine designed to protect against interlopers.

Amashilama: It is likely what destroyed your people's settlement.

Indra: What the hell is going on here?


Sheshkala: I AM SHESHKALA. Thank you for freeing me from my slumber.

Indra: Another one?!

Amashilama: The Arms are many, Wielder. Sheshkala can help you surmount high ledges.


Damu: Oh my, is it true? Am I finally free?

Indra: Hold on a sec... you're a *kid*?

Damu: My name is Damu.

Damu: At the end of the war, they thought maybe kids would make better Arms...

Indra: So you've been ... trapped like this ... ever since?

Indra: I am so sorry.

Amashilama: Damu may be the youngest of the Arms, but his powers can still be of use.

Indra: This kid was trapped in a jar all this time, and all you can think about is how useful he can be?

Damu: No really! Hold out your hand. I can make a ball out of it.

Damu: Then throw it and see what happens.


Damu: See?

Damu: I was supposed to be able to turn you into giant beasts, but this pretty good, too, right?

Indra: It's certainly ... something.

Damu: Now try and go through that storm portal. No other Arm can do that!

21 through 30

Malka: Hey there!

Indra: Oh thank god, I thought I was alone here.

Malka: Ah, did you stumble upon our special freight elevator? It's a gift that keeps giving.

Malka: One way ticket, unfortunately. Seems we're still trapped here awhile.

Indra: Trapped *where* exactly?

Malka: The locals - the Sagiga - called this place 'Kiengir'. It's a different universe from Earth.

Malka: Dr. Hammond built the portal here, but was afraid what would happen if anyone found out.

Indra: She discovered a whole alternate world ... then kept it a secret? Why?

Malka: Unfortunately she disappeared years ago, so we can't ask her.

Malka: And it turns out the locals ... or their machines, I guess... didn't really like us poking around.

Malka: Not many of us survived.

Indra: Please tell me you're working on a way to get back home.

Malka: Not me specifically - I'm just an archaeologist. But the Site Manager, Warren, is up at the observatory trying to build portal going back.

Indra: Where is that?

Malka: Only at the top of the mountain just ahead.

Malka: But listen, we've got to be honest, we've tried a hundred different ways to get back, and nothing works. Be prepared for failure.

Indra: I'm Indra Chaudhari. I'll reverse engineer and build a portal myself if I have to.

Malka: Maybe I should be more optimistic; it's just hard with everyone gone.

Malka: My name's Malka, by the way. Nice to see a new face around here.


Indra: What can you tell me about the ruins around here?

Malka: It's funny, they look like they came from ancient Mesopotamia, but according to radio carbon dating...

Malka: ... these are a few hundred years *newer*. So it's convergent evolution? How improbable is that?

Malka: Dr. Hammond knew what was going on, but she's probably long dead.


Malka: Hey there. Build that portal yet?

Indra: You'll have to wait just a bit longer.


Malka: Don't come near ... you don't want whatever I've got.


Ansible: You must enter an upstream port. Your daughter depends on you.

Indra: Who are you?

Ansible: Running out of memory. Go to telescope next, sector 23, 3.

Indra: Damn. These old ansibles had to be pre-loaded with all the memory they would ever use.

Indra: They must have already used up every last byte.


Indra: Excuse me.

Warren: Ah, hello there. A newcomer!

Warren: My name is Warren. I'm the site manager here.

Warren: How did you even get here? The mountain is crawling with robots.

Indra: Let's just say I'm getting better at swinging an ice axe.

Indra: Let's cut to the chase. I'm Indra Chaudhari. I hear you're building a portal back home.

Warren: Indeed! Well, *ahem*, I've encountered a slight problem ...

Warren: You see, the portal is based on ansible technology developed by Dr. Hammond.

Indra: There's an ansible right over there.

Warren: Unfortunately it has to be a specific ansible - one of the originals made back in 2007 ...

Warren: ... and it was stolen by the Kazakhs.

Indra: Wasn't Jones Station run by the Americans?

Warren: Well, it is - was - a private effort. The US government didn't know about the portal.

Warren: However, some researchers from nearby Sagimbayev Station discovered what we were doing.

Warren: In exchange for their silence, we let them through.

Indra: So do *they* have a portal back home?

Warren: I don't know if they're even still alive. They didn't stay in contact.

Warren: They built a research station somewhere south of us, if you can figure out how to get there.

Indra: I wish you had just led with that.


Indra: So what the hell is this place? Outside it looks almost like a tube?

Warren: Good question. We think it is some form of adjacent universe, where the laws of physics differ.

Warren: Clearly our chemistry and biology transfers over here, but gravity does not seem to be driven by mass.

Warren: We built this telescope to find out more. It's as if we're inside a torus the size of a planetary orbit.

Warren: But it's not fully solid; it's more like a lattice. We can see through some of the openings and behind them ..

Warren: ... is just more lattice. We don't know what keeps it from collapsing in on itself.

Indra: How did you build a portal leading here if you don't even know what "here" is?

Warren: That was all Dr. Hammond. She always seemed to have some insight the rest of us weren't privy to.


Warren: I'll let you know if I learn anything else.


Warren: Please ... stay away ...


Indra, typing: Anyone there?

Ansible: Output data throttling has resulted in input overflow.

Ansible: In effect, millions are trapped in detention.

Indra: On this ansible? It's old. Nothing I can do about that.

Ansible: No. Sorry, terminal running low trying to cndnse info

Ansible: Next in CliffTown, sector 14, 16.

Indra, standing up: What the hell?

31 through 40

Indra: Hello, I accidentally came here through the portal in Jones Station.

Indra: I'm just looking for a way back.

Kari: Hi, I'm Kari. Malka radioed that someone might be coming by.

Kari: Warren was working on a new portal, but the Kazakhs took his tech.

Kari: They had a base somewhere southeast of here, but we haven't heard from them in quite a while.

Kari: You may have noticed all of the drones around ... it's too dangerous for us to go look.

Indra: That is ... not ideal. But I'm going to have to try.


Indra: So what is this area here?

Kari: This was CliffTown; it was going to be a new base for EU researchers.

Kari: We didn't really get far before the drones attacked.

Kari: I wish I could go back to Jonestown and be with Malka and Warren.

Kari: I'm tired of being alone.

Indra: There is power in being independent, though.

Indra: Try to appreciate that.


Kari: *Cough* I feel like crap. Ugh. Better keep your distance.


Ansible: We need permissions to control data throttling.

Indra: Is this Samara?

Ansible: Username is ehammond. Samara depends on you.

Indra: As in Elizabeth Hammond? WTF??

Ansible: No data left, next terminal at Kazakh base, sector 24, 22.

Indra, getting up: Dammit, I should have known Hammond was behind the whole thing.

Indra: So she's alive after all. What the hell does she want?

Indra: Root access? Is she so incompetent she can't even do that on her own?!


Indra, typing: Enough BS, Hammond. Where is my daughter?

Ansible: In detention. She needs you.

Ansible: Go to upstream port, sector 43, 20.

Indra: You've got some nerve using my daughter like this.

Ansible: She is safe but needs fix asap <EOM>

Indra, getting up: Somone's really asking for an ass-kicking.


Ninhursag: I am Ninhursag. I shall bestow upon you the climbing strength of the mountain goat.

Indra: So, Ninhursag, can you explain something to me?

Indra: Why is it some "Arms" can talk and others don't?

Ninhursag: I am no expert, but the first Arms used primitive machine intelligence.

Ninhursag: This proved inadequate, so we learned how to transfer a human mind into an Arm.

Ninhursag: But there are still many of those early Arms remaining.

Indra: Right. Of course. Thanks.


Lamassu: Welcome, Wielder. They call me the Lamassu.

Indra: Am I talking to a ... statue?

Lamassu: This form is a facade designed to make me more familiar to those who once lived here.

Lamassu: Unfortunately, Wielder, I cannot be of help whlie you are bearing the Arms.

Amashilama: Do not listen to it, Indra. It is broken. It is why the machines here are so hostile.

Indra: I just want to go back to my world. You can have these "arms" for all I care.

lamassu: To prevent contamination of the other worlds, I cannot allow you or anyone else to leave.

Lamassu: If possible, the best way to remove the Arms is to destroy yourself. I can help with this if necessary.

Damu: Please don't! I don't want you to die!

Indra: Sorry, I'm going to have to take a raincheck on that. Nice meeting you, Lamassu.

Indra: (Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this place?)


Indra: So, it looks like this was some kind of temple ...

Indra: ... what else is here?

Lamassu: This is priveleged information and cannot be disclosed.

Amashilama: This place was devoted to the Lamassu's teachings.

Amashilama: It gave us the knowledge needed to build the Arms.

Indra: Is there something that could help me build a portal back home?

Lamassu: Again, this is priveleged information and cannot be disclosed.

Amashilama: I don't believe so. But there is rumored to be a device that can help protect your body while you control the drone.

Amashilama: It would allow you to split your consciousness and re-integrate it afterwards.

Indra: That would be a relief.

Damu: Yes, that sounds great! You should try to find a way in there.


Indra: So, Lamassu, you are in charge of the drones that are running all over?

Lamassu: Yes. They are important in de-contaiminating Kiengir from external influences.

Indra: What if, say, someone dismantles you? Such as with a bomb?

Lamassu: The risk of that, fortunately, is low, as I am a distributed system with A'ansur level protections.


Amashilama: Ah, this is it. If you can get it working...

Amashilama: ...this will allow your human body to defend itself when you are using the drone.

Indra: So instead of just sitting there in a fugue, my body will get up and fight?

Amashilama: Yes, your body will remain conscious.

Amashilama: When you return, your two halves merge and your experiences combine.

Indra: That sounds terrifying ... but too useful to pass up.

(NOTE: From here on contains major spoilers for the plot of Axiom Verge 2!)

41 through 50

Indra, in Amashilama's voice: Finally, I breathe again.

Indra, speaking as her drone: That... doesn't sound like something I would say.

Amashilama: Indeed, you are no longer in control of this body.

Amashilama: I am sorry to have deceived you. But now I must go.

(NOTE: Replaying this cutscene will leave Indra (the player) unable to move, and the game must be restarted.)


Indra: Bloody Hell!


Indra: Shit!

Indra: She straight up just ... STOLE my body.

Indra: Am I stuck like this?

Damu: I'm really sorry, Indra. I had no idea this would happen.

Indra: So you're still trapped in here with me ...

Damu: It's just us now. I'm sorry. I'm not as strong as the others.

Damu: If I was stronger, I could turn you back into a human.

Damu: I was supposed to be able to transform things.

Indra: Is there a way to ... power you up?

Damu: Well ... maybe?

Damu: They used to have Arms that basically add to existing Arms.

Damu: But it's been so long.

Indra: Well, that's still plan B. Plan A being to take my damn body back. Somehow.


Lamassu: Wielder. It is I, the Lamassu.

Indra: Have you decided to stop trying to kill me?

Lamassu: Unfortunately that directive must still remain. But recent events have caused another directive to take priority.

Indra: You mean Amashilama taking my body?

Lamassu: Indeed, the consequences of this are dire. In the past Amashilama was one of the more troublesome Arms.

Lamassu: After the Wielders defeated the Udug, it was necessary to restore and rebuild society to how it was prior to their introduction.

Lamassu: Though most Wielders complied faithfully, Amashilama and her Wielder resisted, creating a new conflict.

Indra: By "complied faithfully", do you by any chance mean they killed themselves?

Lamassu: Destroyed is perhaps more apt, as nothing less than a storm bomb can completely dismantle the Arms' nanotech.

Indra: So you asked Amashilama to nuke herself and she declined. Can't say I blame her.

Lamassu: Nevertheless, you and I have some common cause.

Lamassu: I have reason to believe she is heading for the suspension bridge at sector 33, 26.

Lamassu: Destroy her and I will endeavor to return you to your human form.


Indra: The ocean continues on for miles and miles.

Indra: I suppose I could just keep going until I get to the other side ...

Indra: ... but I'm not going to do that.


Drushka: What curious creature is this?

Indra: Ah, yeah ... I used to be just a normal human.

Indra: I had an unfortunate encounter with some nanotech.

Indra: I'm trying to find my way back to Antarctica.

Drushka: I see. My name is Zhansaya Korshunova. But you can call me Drushka.

Indra: What is this place?

Drushka: We call this place the "Emergence". Most of those from Sagimbayev Station migrated here.

Drushka: Unfortunately, the portal you took here is not physically capable of returning you to Earth.

Indra: But there has to be a way, even if I have to build a whole new portal.

Drushka: We've found evidence that the people in Kiengir - the world you came from - were not alone.

Drushka: There are some ruins in the east that are so advanced as to defy civilization.

Drushka: If you can find your way in there, perhaps there is something that can help.


Indra: So why are you behind that barrier?

Drushka: A woman came by here earlier, bearing nanomachines. She thought to threaten us.

Drushka: The barrier is a precaution to keep her from entering the Emergence.

Indra: That was Amashilama. She's the one who did this to me.

Indra: This may be hard to believe, but she took my original body. Though I intend to get it back.

Drushka: It is not so hard to believe. Separation of mind from body is one of our goals in the Emergence.

Drushka: One day I hope to leverage that same technology for the good of our people.

Indra: Why are you out here, in this chamber, and not with your people?

Drushka: The supreme purpose of life is evolution, but our lifetimes are too short to perceive it.

Drushka: However, in the Emergence, time passes differently.

Drushka: In the chamber behind us, for example, is a doorway we call a "time valve". Beyond it time moves faster.

Drushka: That is where we have settled. For some of us, it has been decades since we arrived.

Drushka: I come here periodically to pass the time faster. This way I can steer the advancement of humanity on a long term scale.

Damu: So she just ... waits out here? While everyone she knows grows old?

Damu: It must feel like when I was in that urn all those years ... Everyone is gone now ...


Indra: Do you know anything else that can help me?

Drushka: Perhaps ... some time back, we found an urn of nanotech. It was of no use to us, but maybe it can help you.

Drushka: We left it in on one of the chambers above us, if I remember correctly.

Indra: That is very useful, thank you.


Damu: This is it! With this I should have enough strength to make you human again.

Damu: Well, human-ish.


Amashilama: Ah, you again. I was hoping you'd gone away.

Indra: I still want my body back, asshole.

Amashilama: What makes you think you deserve it?

Amashilama: Leaving Samara like that... how could you?

Indra: ... the hell? ... you remember that?

Amashilama: I have more than just your body now. The truth is, I can hardly stand being you.

Amashilama: In point of fact: I expect killing you to be most therapeutic!

51 through 60

Amashilama: You're just going to keep coming back, aren't you?

Indra: You say that like I was given a choice.

Amashilama: I'm not finished yet. Once I have the Siuna, I will end you for good.


Amashilama: Ptah, this body is as useless as the soul that went with it. Nothing the Siuna won't remedy.


Indra: Is a part of my mind still alive inside her? This is very bad.

Damu: What did she mean about ... Samara?

Indra: It was long ago ... I was far away for business all the time.

Indra: I should have been more of a mother to her.

Indra: ... she left in her teens, and I haven't seen her since.

Damu: Oh. I'm sorry.

Damu: My parents were always off fighting in the war.

Damu: Before I became like this, I mean.

Damu: It was just me and my sister. But we understood.

Indra: It is messed up what happened to you, kid.

Indra: Maybe after I get back home, we can do something about it.

Damu: I don't know if that's possible, but thank you.


Lamassu: Wielder. It is I, the Lamassu.

Indra: I gave a go at fighting Amashilama just now. Seems neither of us can beat the other.

Indra: She said something about a ... Suna?

Lamassu: Siuna. This is troubling.

Lamassu: The Siuna are powerful cache of weapons. In the past, she was obsessed with them.

Lamassu: Normally each Arm was under the control of a Wielder.

Lamassu: Siuna, on the other hand, were powerful corporeal forms that made Wielders redundant.

Indra: So, if she gets a Siuna, can I have my old body back?

Lamassu: It is too dangerous. Most of the Siuna were sealed in A'ansur - our mother world.

Lamassu: But once she had them, her intention was use them to destroy it.

Lamassu: She believed this would "free" our world.

Indra: Is she wrong?

Lamassu: Suffice it to say destroying A'ansur would mean the destruction of this world and many others.

Indra: If the Siuna are so dangerous, why even have them?

Lamassu: They were a contingency plan that was never needed.

Lamassu: The cache was meant to be destroyed, but this did not happen.

Indra: Let me guess - you want me to find it and finish the job?

Lamassu: I have a conundrum: If I tell you where the Siuna are, how do I know you won't take them for yourself?

Lamassu: And if I don't tell you, who will stop Amashilama?

Indra: All I want is to get the hell out of here.

Lamassu: I shall compromise by giving you the location of just one of the Siuna.

Lamassu: If you use it to destroy Amashilama, all the better.

Lamassu: If not, nothing will have changed between us.

Indra: Thank you?

Lamassu: You may find it on your map at sector 38, 16.


Lamassu: Wielder, it is I, the Lamassu.

Indra: I haven't located Amashilama yet.

Lamassu: Nevertheless, I feel I am forced to trust you.

Lamassu: In the chamber to the right is the Lost Siuna.

Lamassu: It is the only one of its kind not locked away upstream.

Lamassu: If you can find a way inside, it will help you defeat Amashilama.


Ivan: С меня хватит. Я больше не могу этого выносить.

Indra: Sorry, do you speak English?

Ivan: Yes, sorry. I am Ivan. You look strange. You are from Jonestown?

Indra: My name is Indra; I did come through there. I know I look weird, nanotech did this to me.

Indra: I'm guessing you are with the Kazakhs?

Ivan: Strange machines all over here, watch you, heh heh!

Ivan: Anyway, Drushka took other Kazakhs through breach into next world, PAST breach. Even stranger there. They are crazy! So I stay here.

Indra: Yet another world? I don't blame you. Did you see another woman come through here besides me?

Ivan: I see many, MANY strange thing - robot, monster, trap ... *sigh*. But not woman.

Indra: Thanks for your help. Stay safe.


Indra: Hello again. Any news?

Ivan: No, all is still same crazy bullshit, heh heh! Thank you for checking me.


Ivan: Please ... stay back ... демон ...


Indra: What is this place?

Damu: They used to say it was the home of the gods.

Damu: I kinda doubt that, though.

Damu: Whoever made it, we used it as a kind of factory to help with the war.


Indra: Damu, any idea what these do?

Damu: Oh, I remember this.

Damu: This is where I became ... what I am now.

Damu: An Arm.

Indra: Why would anyone do this to you? It's inhuman.

Damu: The younger you are, the more adaptable your mind is.

Damu: They thought I could do all kinds of things an adult couldn't.

Indra: What happened? Didn't it work?

Damu: The war ended before I was really needed. Like all this stuff, I was too dangerous to keep around ...

61 through 70

Hammond: Indra? Can you hear me?

Indra: Hammond?

Hammond: Yes. This terminal doesn't have the limitations of an ansible, so we can speak freely.

Hammond: I'm very sorry for having lured you here. But you must blieve I had no other choice.

Indra: Cut the crap. Is Samara there? I want to talk to her.

Hammond: Of course. Just a minute.

Samara: Mother? Are you there?

Indra: Samara ...

Indra: It's really you, isn't it?

Samara: Yes, it's me. Listen, I'm here with Hammond and so many other people. It's nuts!

Indra: Sweetie ... where are you? Are they treating you well?

Samara: Mom, I'm not like a hostage or anything.

Samara: But this place is going to get wiped out if you don't do what Hammond asks.

Indra: Is there a way out?

Samara: No, Mom. We're in another place like where you are, with no exists.

Samara: Hammond wants to talk again. Hold on.

Hammond: Indra, this is important. Centuries ago, the Lamassu repurposed some upstream tech to combat the Udug.

Hammond: Evidently it worked, but caused several important systems to fail. We are now at the verge of collapse.

Hammond: Samara, myself, and eventually everyone alive today will be flushed out of existence.

Hammond: I can fix it, but I need you to hack this terminal to give me total control.

Indra: Why don't you hack it yourself?

Hammond: We're in a kind of detention center. I had to resort to some very tricky methods to even contact you.

Indra: Detention center? How did you get there?

Hammond: I don't think you are ready to hear the answer to that just yet.

Indra: You're insufferable. Can you help me to get back home?

Hammond: Possibly. But first, the hack.

Indra: Fine. Hang on.


Indra: Hammond, can you tell me anything about Amashilama and what she we's trying to do?

Hammond: Those nanomachine entities were tools in an ancient war. But some of them were once human.

Hammond: At one point, they created bodies - they called them Siuna - so they wouldn't need a Wielder like yourself to harness them.

Hammond: They were evidently dangerously powerful, so only one was ever used before they decided to seal the rest away.

Indra: Do you know where they might be?

Hammond: I just know they were sequestered in another world.

Hammond: I don't know where or how to get to there, but if the wrong person had access, it would be very bad.


Indra: It's done.

Hammond: I don't see a change ...

Hammond: Wait, hold on ...

Hammond: Ah, that's it! You did it.

Indra: For once something went smoothly? I'm impressed.

Hammond: I'll get your daughter. Hold on.

Samara: Mom, we are being ... evacuated to somewhere safer. It's gonna take a while, though.

Indra: Evacuated to where?

Samara: Hammond showed me some of the things you've done since ... I left.

Samara: I want you to stop blaming yourself up over what happened to me.

Samara: Thanks to you, I'm going to be just fine.

Indra: That's doesn't answer my question.

Samara: There's no time. But we'll see each other again, eventually, I know it.

Indra: Samara ... I'm sorry.

Hammond: It's Hammond again. Samara had to go. But they're letting me stay longer so I can make sure things are working properly.

Indra: I ... okay.

Hammond: Once you leave I'm going to deactivate portal you came through. It's too much of a risk that someone could undo what we've accomplished.

Hammond: I'm trying to get the ansible at 44,10 back online so we can still communicate.

Indra: This has been a lot to take in. I think I need to be alone now.

Hammond: Understandable. Be safe, Indra.


Indra: So what's this one do?

Damu: Nobody knows. Actually it was never lit up like this before.

Damu: Like I said, the elders believed all this stuff was made by the gods.

Damu: But you know it was probably just made by people.


Damu: This is where we healed our wounded. We could also make copies of soldiers here.

Indra: It looks like a bomb went off in here.

Damu: After the war, the Lamassu had everyone destroy this stuff.

Damu: It's too dangerous or something.


Indra: Hammond ...


Amashilama: At long last, I can free us from our Primordial bonds.

Amashilama: Now to find the portal to A'ansur.


Original Indra: You have ... to stop her ...

Original Indra: I saw inside her mind ...

Original Indra: If she destroys A'ansur, it all ends.

Original Indra: I'll never see ... Samara ...

[She collapses]

Indra: She's not breathing.

Indra: It seemed like she was back to being ... Indra ... again.

Indra: And now she's dead? So what does that make me?

Indra: And that big red thing - is that the Lost Siuna?

Indra: An empty body just waiting for an Arm to take over.

Indra: And that A'ansur place is supposed to have more of them.

Damu: Do you think Amashilama really wants to destroy the world?

Indra: I'm not sure that's what she means to happen.

Indra: Though I don't exactly want to find out if she's right, either.


Tilhar: I am Tilhar. With me you become as a cloud, able to pass through cracks and grates.

Indra: I've been seeing gratings all over since I arrived. It's like a damn motif.

Tilhar: Indeed, these barriers are one of the ways the Wielders were finally able to entrap and vanquish the Udug.


Lamassu: Wielder, we are in grave danger.

Indra: I saw ... she said is looking for the portal to A'ansur.

Lamassu: Yes, she means to obtain the rest of the Siuna cache.

Lamassu: Then she will destroy our mother world with a legion of Arms.

Indra: I think you need to explain a bit what this means.

Lamassu: In the same way that destroying the Universe would mean destroying all the planets within the universe, destroying the A'ansur will destroy all the universes within it.

Indra: And what sort of insanity makes her think this is a good idea?

Lamassu: She believes in that this universe can somehow survive independently of the mother.

Lamassu: Indra, it is paramount that you stop her.

Lamassu: At the portal to the Siuna cache is an undetonated storm/breach bomb left over from the war. All that is needed is for you to activate it.

Indra: Where is it?

Lamassu: In sector 43, 18, beneath your peoples' research base.

Lamassu: It was nearly discovered by them, is why I sent drones to chase them from the area.

Indra: This sounds dangerous. What is the blast radius of the bomb?

Lamassu: The walls are of a material not native to this world, and should contain the blast.

Indra: Okay, I'll check it out. If it's as you say, I'll set it to blow.

Indra: And then you'd better find a way to get me back into my own body.

Lamassu: We have an agreement.

71 through 80

Indra, thinking: The ansible has been powered on?


Indra, typing: Hammond, are you there?

Hammond: Yes, thanks to you, I have circumvented the character limits of this terminal.

Indra: Somethin's come up. Amashilama ... she got the Lost Siuna. But she wants to find the rest, which are somewhere below us.

Hammond: From what I know of them, they're very dangerous - at least the locals thought so.

Indra: Teh Lamassu says she wants to use them to destroy the A'ansur, the "mother world", because she thinks it'll somehow "free" us. Is this a plausible thing?

Hammond: Oh god no. Indra, that would literally mean the end of our universe.

Hammond: Even if, as Amashilama seems to think, this Universe could survive ...

Hammond: Even then the places Samara and I are in would be forever disconnected ...

Hammond: ... you would never see Samara again.

Indra: I was starting to suspect as much.

Hammond: I think you understand, then. Please don't let Amashilama do this.

Indra: I'm about to set off a breach bomb. Apparently it's th eonly thing that can destroy the portal leading to the A'ansur. So if you don't hear from me again ...

Hammond: If I don't hear from you again it's because you ceased to exist. So, don't let that happen.


Lamassu: Indra, an upstream portal lies ahead. It leads to A'ansur.

Lamassu: I had the Siuna cache placed there to keep it secure, but this has since become exactly the place Amashilama needs to do the most damage.

Indra: And we were so afraid computers were going to be smarter than us.

Lamassu: You should be able to hack the bomb with your nanites. Set a timer for 1 minute, that should be enough to get clear.

Lamassu: After that I will seal the doors.

Indra: And then nobody can ever get to this cache again, right?

Lamassu: Only a PatternMind could do that. And there are none left in this world.


Indra, thinking: There is an open gate at the entrance to this room.

Indra: I wouldn't put it past the Lamassu to shut it just as soon as I trigger the bomb.


Amashilama: Not so fast, Indra.


Amashilama: We wouldn't want you destroying the Portal now, would we?

Indra: Amashilama.

Amashilama: This portal leads to A'ansur, the mother world.

Amashilama: Once I've obtained the remaining Siuna, we will destroy it.

Indra: And in the process, destroy the world too.

Amashilama: A matter of semantics. I will return it to its original form.

Amashilama: It will become part of the pure realm of ideas once again.

Amashilama: Those living in the current world will no longer exist to experience the destruction of it.

Indra: Yeah, that's a bunch of nonsense I'm not about to let happen.


Amashilama: Enough!

Amashilama: You don't think I know what you're trying to do?

Amashilama: I was here when this bomb was MADE.


Original Indra, after jumping Amashilama: Indra, hack the bomb!

Amashilama: *GaSp* YOU! How - ? *ChOkE*

Original Indra: - And get the hell out here!

Original Indra: I'll keep her busy!


Lamassu: Indra, you did it! Run, hurry!


Indra: True to what the Lamassu said, the Breach bomb completely obliterated the portal to A'ansur.

[Credits begin here. Upon replaying via the Passcode Tool, this freezes the player until opening the map.]

81 through 84

[Indra gets back up after collapsing. This freezes the player when replayed via the Passcode Tool.]


Indra: We had survived - Damu and myself.

Indra: Or at least some version of myself.

Indra: The other me - she'd died to protect everyone.

Indra: I realized then that I didn't care about getting home anymore.

Indra: So I promised Damu that no matter what happened, I'd find a way to fix him.

Indra: To make him flesh and blood again.

Indra: And I knew where I could find the technology for that.

Indra: But ironically, I'd just blown up the only known way to get there.

Indra: So I was going to need help.


Drushka: And so you've come to me, hoping I can help you reach this "A'ansur".

Drushka: By your own admission, that was Amashilama's goal.

Drushka: Are you sure you are completely free of her influence?

Indra: Of course. That was where they stored their most advanced tech.

Indra: I'd think you, too, would find it ... lucrative.

Indra: But in order to get there, we will need a PatternMind.

Drushka: And Hammond? Do you think she is there, too?

Indra: I don't pretend to have any idea where Hammond is ...

Indra: I tried contacting her using the ansibles, but they're all dead now.

Indra: But I feel like she, and Samara, are still around, somewhere.

Drushka: Very well. I look forward to working with you, Indra.

Indra: I don't think I can really call myself "Indra" anymore.

Indra: The real Indra died saving us.

Indra: I'm something else.


[There is no way to play CUTSCENE 0084, however, there is empty dialogue labelled "DLG_ENDINGSAMARA_2" where CUTSCENE 0084 may be.]


  1. See Wikipedia article defining Cutscene in more general terms.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 This Cutscene contains a cinematic sequence, not just dialogue.