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Cutscenes[1] are in-game story telling sequences, usually involving conversations between Axiom Verge's characters. The player will not be able to control Trace during cutscenes and will instead be able to advance the dialog. In some cases, the game may switch to full-screen video while dialog takes place over the top.

All cutscenes in Axiom Verge can be played back using the Passcode Tool with the passcode CUTSCE-NE0001, where "0001" can be replaced with values between "0000" and "0044". WARNING: Save first! This can sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive!

List of Cutscenes[]

00 through 10[]


Elsenova: ...Trace ...

Elsenova: ...Wake up, Trace...


Trace: Ugh... what happened?

Elsenova: Trace... there is... gun... in next room.

Elsenova: You must get it.

Trace: Wait, what's going on? Where are you?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: Hello?

Trace: Where am I?


Trace, after picking up the Axiom Disruptor: Is this the gun that lady mentioned? Or did I just imagine her?

Elsenova: ... Sorry, I am very weak. You must go, now! Before he finds you ...

Trace: Before WHO finds me? What's going on?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: ...I guess she's gone again.


Trace, after first in-game death: Gaaah! What just happened?!

Elsenova: ... You died ... we saved your ... mind machines ...

Trace: WHAT??

Trace: I'm sorry miss. I think - HOPE - I'm misunderstanding something. Could you try rephrasing that?

Trace: Hello?

Trace: Oh, man. This is insane! I died? Am I still... me?


Trace, confronting Xedur: Crap, I'm trapped!

Xedur: DEMON

Trace: Woah, hey- you can talk! Listen, I'm, uh, lost, and...



[First meeting with Elsenova]

Elsenova: Trace...

Elsenova: My name is Elsenova.

Trace: Are you the voice I've been hearing?

Elsenova: Yes... we are connected through mind machine.

Elsenova: I need you to fix power filter... I am dying.

Trace: Power filter?? Uh, I guess I can try; where is it?

Elsenova: Not near...

Elsenova: ...I am sorry, I need rest now... bye...

Trace: Hey, wait! Where are we?

Trace: This is definitely not good...


Trace, confronting Telal: Oh crap... an even bigger one.

Telal: DEMON

Trace: Look, I mean no harm! Please, can we just talk it out?

Telal: TALK

Trace: Yeah, ok!

Trace: So, my name is Trace, and I have no idea how I got here, but-


Trace: Have it your way, then.


Elsenova, upon the discovery of a Secret World: Trace! Turn back! This place is... artifact.

Trace: Like some kind of dimensional rift?

Trace: What if there's something I need in here?

Elsenova: No... it is dangerous. Flotsam, jetsam... caused by Breach.

Trace: Is there radiation or something in here?

Trace, upon receiving no reply: Well, that's not exactly reassuring.


Trace, discovering Veruska: Another one of these?

Trace: Hello, miss? Are you awake?

Elsenova: Trace, that is Veruska. She is in great need of repair drones.

Elsenova: She is very dangerous... but she is our ally.

Trace: Dangerous? I mean, I'd figured you were sort of... networked supercomputers or something.

Elsenova: No. Our word is "Rusalki"... it is like... water machine?

Elsenova: But we have all been damage... this situation you see is emergency.

Elsenova: If you can enable repair drones, it will greatly help.

Trace: So just the "Power Filter" isn't enough?

Elsenova: That is bare minimum for survival...

Trace: Okay, hang in there. Whatever you are, I'm not going to let you die without a fight.

Elsenova: Thank you...


Trace, confronting Uruku: Oh, crap.


Trace: Here goes nothing...


Trace, obtaining the White Lab Coat. It's an old labcoat, like from the laser lab.

Trace: Though the inner layer is different... looks biomechanoid, like my gun.

Trace: How the hell did it get here?

11 through 20[]

CUTSCENE 0011 [2]

Trace, enabling the Power Filter: Hopefully this is the "power filter" that Elsenova was talking about.

Elsenova: ...Yes... I still need some time for poison to clear, but I will be OK now.

Trace: Are you well enough to tell me what's going on?

Elsenova: Yes. But it is long story.

Trace: I'm listening.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Elsenova: There are two sides to universe- Worldstream and Breach. Breach is like storm- deadly, cannot be pass.

Elsenova: This planet, Sudra, is designed to keep Breach in check. But then, many years in past, a man came through.

Elsenova: His name is Athetos. Athetos is PatternMind- powerful manipulator.

Elsenova: He infected all of Sudra with pathogen. Only we survive- Rusalki, like me.

Elsenova: To trap us, he used Breach Attractor.

Elsenova: Breach surrounds entire world now, and we cannot leave. But Athetos is win. Soon, he will destroy us, and enter rest of Worldstream.

[Cinematic sequence ends]

Elsenova: Trace, my "sister"- Ophelia- find you in Breach. Only you, no other, can stop Athetos.

Trace: She "found" me in this Breach? What exactly does that mean?

Elsenova: Unfortunately, I am not knowing. Only Ophelia entered Breach, and she is damage.

Trace: Okay, so why me? The whole "chosen one" story doesn't inspire much confidence...

Elsenova: Only Ophelia knows. This is my next task, also: Enable repair drones to fix Ophelia and other Rusalka.

Elsenova: Ophelia has way to circumvent pathogen. which you will want.

Trace: Am I in danger? Or could I already be infected and not know it?

Elsenova: Pathogen is now in all creatures here... but you can heal inside egg. So, maybe not?

Trace: Thanks for being so forthcoming about all this.

Trace: I'll help you- not that it seems like there's a choice.

Trace: But I'm going to expect some answers from your friend.

Elsenova: Okay, go. I am always watch you; if you need me, call.


Trace, obtaining the Bioflux Accelerator 1: A syringe lying in the middle of a room? That's just a bit ominous.

Elsenova: This contains, how you say, small blood machines? Like in your mind.

Elsenova: They can provide powerful modification. Please, take them!

Trace: Don't tell me you want me to stick myself with this thing?!

Elsenova: Too late; I have transferred necessary info using near connection. Your body will produce, now.

Trace: Injection over wireless? Somehow that's even MORE terrifying.

Trace: What did you do to me?

Elsenova: You will find this useful. But, only works if you are uninjured.

Trace: Thanks- I guess.


Trace, confronting Gir-Tab: Surprise, surprise; it's another giant, armed monster!

Gir-Tab: WHO IS it?? ARE you DEMON??

Trace: No, just a normal guy. Trust me, I don't even want to be here.

Gir-Tab: IT carries WEAPONS... but LOOKS like...


Trace: I only carry this gun to defend myself. If you just let me be, I won't use it.

Gir-Tab: CANNOT trust SELF... Cannot trust ATHETOS! But, to be safe...



Trace, after killing Gir-Tab: That one seemed almost reluctant to fight. Elsenova, what's going on?

Elsenova: Athetos' soldiers were originally normal humans.

Elsenova: He used his pathogen to transform them.

Elsenova: But, sometimes, they remember small part of who they once were.

Trace: So I've been killing innocent people?!

Elsenova: No. They were... those most loyal to him.

Elsenova: They helped him spread pathogen.

Trace: Okay, maybe they're not innocent, but still, they're people.

Trace: Is there some way I could get by with NOT killing them?

Elsenova: No. At least, I do not think so.

Elsenova: But, Trace, if you had been here...

Elsenova: would not want them to live, either.


[Discovering Katrahaska's body]

Elsenova: Trace, this was Katrahaska.

Elsenova: She was ally of Athetos... she tried to kill us, but we stopped her.

Trace: So she's dead.

Trace: All of you look rather immobile, you know. How did you even fight?

Elsenova: Drone. It was all we had after everyone died.

Elsenova: But then Athetos disabled even those.


[Repair drones reactivated]

Elsenova: Thank you. The drones can now begin repairing us.

Trace: So what now?

Elsenova: It would be good to make sure Ophelia is repaired.

Elsenova: She has way to bypass pathogen. Also, you wanted to ask her about Breach.

Trace: That's the key to this whole thing, right?

Trace: Athetos is using the Breach to trap you here while slowly killing you off?

Elsenova: Yes. So, ultimate goal is stopping Athetos, with secondary goal finding Ophelia.

Elsenova: But you will need to look for ways of reaching them.

Trace: That makes sense. Let's see what I can find up ahead.


Veruska, awakening: Ah, the membrane parts, and lo, a foreign body enters the rift!

Elsenova: Trace, that is Veruska. Thanks to you, the repair drones have revived her.

Trace: I'm glad to see you're okay. So... what is it you do here?

Veruska: I am but a humble predator, like yourself. We have much in common.

Trace: Predator? Maybe you can explain that a bit?

Veruska: I speak of the exposed, trembling viscera of a riven red;

Veruska: the succulent organelles of life, excised, masticated, and ultimately-

Elsenova: Veruska is... dreamer. Special kind of Rusalka for making mind worlds.

Veruska: We all make mind worlds, my dear, just not everybody admits to it.

Veruska: Anyway, some time ago, I stole one of Athetos' devices. But I could not make it work.

Veruska: You can find it in the back.

Trace: Sounds good.

Trace: And, uh, nice meeting you.


[Returning to Elsenova]

Elsenova: Trace... It has been long time since meeting in person.

Trace: You're looking a lot better.

Elsenova: Thank you. Repair drones have restored my plating. But work is far from finished.

Trace: You mean this isn't the final product?

Elsenova: Not even little bit. But we don't have time for full restoration.

Trace: Well, I guess if I'm ever to see what that looks like, I'd better get going.

Elsenova: Take care. I will watch over you.

Note: It is possible to play through the game without ever seeing this cutscene, if you do not go back to Elsenova's chamber.


Trace, seeing a hallucination of himself in Ukkin-Na: What the hell?! Elsenova! Did you see that?!

Elsenova: Sorry, no. What did you see?

Trace: There was a man who looked just like me, standing over there, then he ran away!

Elsenova: Very strange; I did not see this.

Trace: I'm going after him. Keep your eyes open! Or whatever it is you do.


Trace, chasing his hallucination: Hey you! Stop!

Elsenova: Trace, there is nothing.

Trace: He was RIGHT THERE.

Elsenova: Trace, I think you should find Ophelia soon.

Elsenova: Please, tell me if you see more strange things.

Trace: You mean that totally unironically, am I right?

21 through 30[]


[Trace begins feeling the effects of The Pathogen]

Trace: Whew, pretty hot in this place.


Trace, feeling the effects of The Pathogen: Ugh... Elsenova... something's wrong; I don't feel well.

Elsenova: I was afraid of this. Athetos's pathogen is starting to affect you.

Elsenova: But, I think Ophelia is near. She can fix. Just try to stay calm.

Trace: Thanks, Athetos.

Trace: I mean Elsenova.

Trace: Sorry... Think I'll just shut up and keep moving.


[Trace hallucinates an impostor Ophelia face]

Impostor: Well, it's about time.

Trace: Oh, sorry. Are you Ophelia?

Impostor: There's no such thing as Ophelia.

Trace: If there isn't, then how did you even know who I was talking about?

Impostor: You know the answer to that.

Trace: Because you're a hallucination, right? That pathogen is making me see things?

Trace: Crap, I'd better get moving.


Trace: That's odd; the drone won't launch.

Trace: The rest of the gun seems to be working, though.


[Trace enters the Vision battle]

Trace: Crap, I'm trapped!

Elsenova: Trace, please, just stay put. I have made contact with Ophelia.

Trace: Elsenova, that man... from before... he's here!

Hallucination: DEMON

Trace: Wait, I'm no demon!

Trace: Am I?


Trace: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!!!


[The Vision is defeated]



[Trace awakens with Ophelia]

Trace: So I'm still... here.

Ophelia: I've cleared out the bioflux. Your nanogates should take care of the rest.

Elsenova: Trace, this is Ophelia. It it she who brought you to Sudra.

Trace: Okay, Ophelia. Why exactly would you do that?

Ophelia: Several reasons, but mainly because you, like Athetos, are a PatternMind.

Ophelia: It means only you could survive Athetos' pathogen.

Ophelia: It also makes you the only person capable of using Athetos' weapons, like that gun.

Ophelia: In short, you were the only chance we had to defeat him.

Trace: So what makes Athetos and I "PatternMinds"? Something we were born with, or something that happened?

Ophelia: To be honest, we don't know.

Ophelia: Within the Breach, there are many worlds. Athetos came from one, so that's where we started.

Ophelia: I entered the Breach, where I learned about PatternMinds- special individuals who can manipulate reality at will.

Ophelia: Using a special device called a Scry, we searched for another PatternMind that could stop him.

Ophelia: We found only you, on your world- Earth- and extracted you.

Ophelia: We know for sure that you're a PatternMind, but not why. We were hoping YOU could tell us that.

Trace: Nope. I'm pretty normal. And I'm fairly confident there's no secret magic going on in my DNA or anything.

Trace: Are you sure you're not leaving something out?

Elsenova: We are sure. Regardless, you are doing well. Breach attractor- and Athetos- are in elevator above us.

Elsenova: Destroy it, and we can take care of rest.

Elsenova: But, getting inside may take some time yet.

Trace: And then?

Elsenova: You are done. We send you back home.

Trace: Okay. Looks like I'm off to see the wizard, then...


Trace, finding Axiom 1 (Note): (This axiom ... it's from my paper. The one that earned me that nickname...)"


[Trace discovers the Aborted Clone]

Trace: Oh God, what the hell is this?!

Aborted Clone: ...GRRRROOOOOAAARRR...

Ophelia: Trace, that is an... aborted... clone of Athetos.

Elsenova: This is how Athetos makes soldiers.

Trace: Oh.

Trace: What do I do? Can't he be healed?

Ophelia: It is too late. He's dying. He should not even have survived this long.


Trace, after finding the Aborted Clone: I've had it. I can't do this anymore.

Trace: I know I'm him.

Trace: In some messed up way, I'm Athetos.

Trace: So tell me, now, what the hell is going on?!

Elsenova: Ophelia.

Ophelia: It's true. You are Athetos- or would be, if you continued on as you were.

Ophelia: But you were not one of these clones.

Ophelia: The Athetos that made these is much older. Changed.

Elsenova: After Athetos arrived here, we discovered it was not for first time.

Ophelia: He apparently made his way here once before, when he was your age.

Ophelia: Legend has it he was kinder, then. And he used one of the rebirth chambers.

Trace: Let me get this straight; I came here at some point years ago, before this plague happened?

Ophelia: Yes. And you used a rebirth chamber.

Trace: The red mechanical egg I woke up in. But clearly that wasn't the first time, or we'd have no Athetos.

Ophelia: The original exited the chamber and became Athetos; you are a copy made from the data left behind.

Ophelia: We gambled that a much younger Athetos would be different. That you would help us.

Trace: So why don't I remember coming here? Copy or not, I shouldn't have had any sense of time passage.

Trace: It should have felt like any other time I stepped into an egg and stepped immediately out.

Ophelia: We don't know. All of this happened long ago- hundreds of years ago, even. Data degradation?

Ophelia: What exactly do you remember?

Trace: You first. What made Athetos want to attack this world? Or is that part even true?

Elsenova: It is true. It is entire reason we are here.

Ophelia: The years have changed him, Trace... he was in the Breach for a long time.

Ophelia: We don't know what happened there.

Trace: I need to talk to him. He'll tell me what's going on. That's what I'd do.

Elsenova: No. You will continue on as planned.

Trace: And how are you going to make me do that, exactly?

Elsenova: Like this.

Trace: GAAAAH!!!! Something's wrong!! I'm... I'm-

[Trace dies]

NOTE: Replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to die and go back to his most recent save point.

31 through 40[]


Trace, after Elsenova kills him: GAAAAH!! Holy crap, that was excruciating!

Ophelia: Trace, are you okay?

Trace: Hell NO!! What just happened?!

Ophelia: Elsenova...

Ophelia: She hates Athetos. And, as you pointed out, you are him.

Trace: Just now, what happened to me- did she...?

Ophelia: Yes. She can shut down your nanogates at any time.

Ophelia: I brought you back. This goes much faster with your help.

Ophelia: Please, find Athetos and speak with him, if that's what you want. You don't have to fight him.

Ophelia: We just need the Breach attractor shut down. Can you do that?

Trace: Okay.

Trace: But no killing him.

Ophelia: Agreed.

Ophelia: I'm going to talk to Elsenova. She'll come around.


Ophelia, upon Trace discovering the Rusalki bodies: In case you were wondering what our bodies look like.

Trace: What are you talking about? Those big things back there?

Ophelia: Hundreds of years old, but, intact. More or less.

Ophelia: Even self-repairing technology has its limits.

Trace: So, you have bodies...

Trace: I supposed to help you attach your heads onto these things?

Ophelia: I don't think that's necessary. The repair drones will be more than adequate.

Ophelia: But I wanted to prepare you for what is to come.

Trace: Rusalki...

Ophelia: That is the word in Elsenova's language.

Trace: These things are huge. Why do you even need me?

Ophelia: You're still the only one who can get close enough to Athetos to disable the Breach Attractor.

Ophelia: But, you're right- one on one against our true forms, he wouldn't post even a slight threat.


Elsenova, after finding the impassible yellow wall in E-Kur-Mah: Trace, I have seen this kind of barrier before.

Elsenova: It requires special key to bypass. Physical object, carried by Sudrans.

Trace: Okay.

Trace: Are you going to apologize for killing me earlier?

Ophelia: Trace, that WAS her apology.

Trace: I think I'll just go look for the damned key now, thanks.

NOTE: If you get the Sudran Key before going to this wall, you will not trigger this cutscene.


[Trace encounters Elsenova in her true form]

Elsenova: Trace...

Trace: Wow. Elsenova?

Elsenova: Yes. Drones repaired my body before other Rusalki.

Elsenova: Trace, I am sorry for my reaction earlier.

Elsenova: You should not carry blame for Athetos' crimes.

Trace: Okay...

Elsenova: Ahead is elevator to breach. Athetos is inside.

Elsenova: I do not ask you to kill him. Just shut down Breach attractor.

Elsenova: But, he will try to stop you. As always, there is weak point. Find and destroy it.

Elsenova: Once Breach recedes, I can help. But I cannot survive in Breach, so, be careful.

Trace: Athetos lives, okay? We can lock him up or something. But no killing.

Elsenova: No killing.

Trace: Thank you.

Trace: So. This is you?

Elsenova: I was originally... soldier. Does it frighten you?

Trace: I think I was already at some point beyond fear.

Trace: Ah, crap. I forgot what I was going to say.

Trace: Thanks for apologizing. Please don't kill me again.

Elsenova: I won't.

Elsenova: Be careful. Athetos is devious. You cannot trust him.

Trace: I'll keep that in mind.


Trace, encountering Ukhu: Ah crap. This one doesn't even look partially human.


[Trace encounters Xedur Hul Variant]

Xedur Hul: DEMON

Trace: WRONG! It's me, Athetos! OBEY ME!


Trace: Well, it was worth a try.

Trace: Looks like I'm not actually trapped here, so, maybe I can just pass through?


[Trace confronts Athetos, seeing him in the tank for the first time]

Trace: So, it's you.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Athetos: Yes. I have been wondering when you'd come.

[Cinematic sequence ends]

Trace: It's been a long time since I've seen another human...

Trace: What is this contraption you're in? Are you okay?

Athetos: It protects me from the pathogen. I previously used a much more portable device... but the Rusalki destroyed it. This ungainly machine merely prolongs my demise.

Trace: Is it true that you released the pathogen on the whole world? Intentionally?

Athetos: Yes.

Trace: Then you'd better do some explaining.

Athetos: If I tell you too much, your captors will have to kill you. But, try this:

Athetos: Long ago, this world- Sudra- was the doorway to an unrivaled civilization. Like a port on the way to the greatest nation ever envisioned. But the port had a collapse. By the time I came, they barely remembered who they were. They regarded their own technology with superstition and religious reverence.

Athetos: When I first crossed the Breach from Earth to Sudra, I was expecting to find enlightenment. Instead, I discovered that they were using the Breach to keep out the greater universe. In their superstitious culture, the outside universe is taboo. For this, I do not regret removing the main obstacle in my path

Trace: You'd resort to genocide just for that?

Athetos: Imagine millennia of scientific, cultural, and technological progress. A civilization so advamced that our world is paleolithic by comparison-- that is what lies beyond the breach. Death, disease, war, famine- these could all become things of the past. But the Sudrans were obstinate. This was the forbidden fruit. The loss of a single people balanced against the whole of humanity... how else could I choose?

Trace: Well, you did it. You have the Breach Attractor now. Why not just shut it down?

Athetos: The Rusalki were the flaw in my plan. They are masters of war. If I disable the Breach Attractor, I free them, too. But Trace, with you at my side, we have a chance. Will you help me?

Trace: Hmm, let me think about that for a bit.

Trace: Okay, I've thought about it, and my answer is...

Trace: ...hell no, you self-righteous jerk!

Athetos: So be it, then.

NOTE: Playing this cutscene will also trigger the final boss battle music.[2]


Athetos: So ... it appears I have lost.

Trace: Elsenova! We did it! The Breach is gone!

Elsenova: I'm sorry, but there is one more thing I need to do.

Trace: You're going to kill him, aren't you?

Trace: He can't do anything now. Just leave him!

Elsenova: Unfortunately that's not a chance we can take.

Athetos: This was inevitable, Trace. Do not blame yourself.

Trace: Athetos...

[Elsenova kills Athetos]


Trace: So that's it.

Trace: I'll never know if...

Trace: I mean... what if he could have been redeemed?

Elsenova: Trace, you are not him. He chose wrongly, not you.

Elsenova: But now, it is time for you to go home.

Trace: Go home? As the clone of a mass murderer? What's even there for me?

Elsenova: Do not worry, we have taken care of it.

Trace: What's happening? ... I'm suddenly exhausted ...

Elsenova: Rest, now.

Elsenova: Perhaps we'll meet again sometime?

Trace: Wait ... please ...

[Trace faints]

NOTE: Interestingly, replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to faint, but you can get right back up after.

CUTSCENE 0040 - Opening cinematic.[2]

41 through 44[]

CUTSCENE 0041 [2] -

[After Trace faints from the Pathogen]

Trace: Ugh... where am I?

Unknown voice (likely a nurse): Safe. This is the trauma ward.

Trace: ...everything hurts... how bad is it?

Nurse: This may be hard to accept, but... your injuries were severe.

Nurse: You will never see, nor walk, ever again.

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Trace, now narrating: I remember now.

Trace: While I'd assumed this was all connected to the lab explosion... in fact, that was just an unrelated accident.

Trace: A frozen pressure valve, of all things.

Trace: Boom. How could I have forgotten? I'd survived the blast, and awoken.

Trace: And for months, was locked in darkness.

Trace: I was broken. Not just blind, but crippled. But as I lay there helpless, thinking... I had an epiphany.

Trace: An idea that would soon become a scientific breakthrough.

Trace: I worked with Dr. Hammond, who had recovered completely. Together, we published a new Theory of Everything.

Trace: It was a rewriting of physics. The media got wind, and loved it. But the physics community decried it as pseudoscience.

Trace: I was blacklisted. And given a nickname: "Athetos" - without place.

Trace: That's where the memories end. Over a year of my life, completely forgotten ... and somehow, I'm him. Athetos. Elsenova knows this, but she thinks that I don't.

CUTSCENE 0042 - First ending. [2]

Trace: As for what happened next ...

[Cinematic sequence begins]

Trace: I was back. But this was different. It was as if nothing ever happened.

Trace: The laser lab had still collapsed. But I was uninjured - and nobody else seemed to think that was strange.

Trace: I didn't stick around much longer.

Trace: I tried to go back to my former life, but it felt ... wrong. I didn't know who I was anymore, or where I belonged.

Trace: I had to get back to Sudra. To find the truth of things. I started with what I'd learned there.

Trace: I was determined to get to the bottom of it. That was all I had left.

CUTSCENE 0043 - Second ending. [2]

Trace: I've almost got it ... just a bit more -

Trace: Who's there?

[Camera pans to Athetos standing in the doorway]

Athetos: There's no use running from your own self. [Camera pans down to show he's holding a gun] Time to wake up, Trace.

[Athetos shoots Trace]

CUTSCENE 0044 - Third ending. [2]

Trace: And ... done. Boy do I rule!

Trace: Who's there?

[Camera pans to Athetos standing in the doorway]

Trace: Athetos?!

Athetos: Did you really think you could escape? After all, there's no use running from your own self.


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