In Axiom Verge, the fabric of space and of some solid matter is in a state of flux, the physical properties of which are able to be changed using ancient technology. This is likely due to the proximity of the "Breach" to planet Sudra as a result of the Breach Attractor being activated by the Sudrans which is now guarded by Athetos. The state of certain terrain blocks and most enemies can be changed using Upgrades Trace acquires called Address Disruptors and the Address Bomb. Some matter and enemies are very weak to all of these, while the strongest are resistant to all but the most powerful upgrades. The most corrupted terrain can harm Trace and enemies on contact.

Some areas of Sudra are doorways to pockets of altered reality called Secret Worlds that exist outside the normal universe. The Rusalki cannot see or enter these areas as it interferes with their electronics.

There are three levels of corruption seen on Sudra.

Corruption level 1 is weak to the Address Disruptor 1, as well as all the other address disruption upgrades.

Corruption 1.png
Blocks that were passable became solid.
Corruption level 2 requires the Address Disruptor 2, or the Address Bomb.

Corruption level 3 can only be disrupted with the Address Bomb. Usually the Address Bomb simply removes the corruption, but it may change the properties of the affected blocks as well. It causes 25 damage when touched. In the game code this is referred to as the "Memory Trasher".

Corruption 3.png
Corruption Level 3 is green, amorphous, and makes a strange crackling noise.
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