List of Weapons Edit

Axiom Disruptor Icon

Axiom Disruptor

A high-tech biomechanoid weapon.

Nova Icon


Firing once launches a large projectile; firing again causes it to detonate.

Multi-Disruptor Icon


Fires 3 projectiles at a time.

Kilver Icon


Fires a short-range burst of electricity.

Hypo-Atomizer Icon


Each projectile fires additional projectiles at a set frequency.

Reflector Icon


Projectiles reflect off of walls.

Inertial Pulse Icon

Inertial Pulse 

A beam of pure inertia drives through multiple targets.

Voranj Icon


Bifurcating energy bolts.

Shards Icon


Ambient moisture is frozen into razor sharp shards of ice.

Turbine Pulse Icon

Turbine Pulse 

Spinning charged particle blades release discrete pulses of energy.

Quantum Variegator Icon-

Quantum Variegator 

Randomly adjusts its flight vector for more coverage.

Tethered Charge Icon

Tethered Charge

A field of charged particles on an unbreakable leash.

Data Bomb Icon

Data Bomb 

Explodes on impact.

Lightning Gun Icon

Lightning Gun 

Creates strong electric potential difference between muzzle and nearest target.

Heatseeker Icon

Heat Seeker[1]

Projectiles attract towards enemies. (Secret World)
Reverse Slicer Icon

Reverse Slicer 

Spins through the air, then reverses direction.

Firewall Icon


Bombs that ignite into walls of flame.

Ion Beam Icon

Ion Beam 

Fires a continuous, directed beam of ionized particles.

Distortion Field Icon

Distortion Field 

Distorts the underlying lattice of space.

Flamethrower Icon


Fires a stream of flame.

Orbital Discharge Icon

Orbital Discharge 

Clings to and travels along any surface it hits.

Scissor Beam

Scissor Beam[1] 

Twin beams converge on a single point. (Secret World)

Fat Beam
Fat Beam[1]  Explodes into a powerful beam after a targeting period. (Secret World)

Secret World Weapons Edit

There are 3 total weapons that can be found in Axiom Verge's Secret World. You can only find one in each save game. Once you have found all 3 secret world weapons, the game will randomly select which one appears in the next game.[2]

References Edit

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