In-game Axiom verge makes a distinction between Weapons, Powerups, and Upgrades. Playstation Trophies will refer to Upgrades as "Tools" and "Abilities". The following is a list of all Upgrades that can be collected throughout the game.

List of Upgrades in Axiom Verge[edit | edit source]

Laser Drill Icon.png

Laser Drill

A high-powered drill capable of cutting through rock.
Field Disruptor Icon.png

Field Disruptor

Alters local physics to augment jumping ability.

Bioflux Accelerator 1 Icon.png

Bioflux Accelerator 1

Causes mutation at max health.

Modified Lab Coat Icon.png

Modified Lab Coat

Double-tap and hold while pressing against a wall to teleport across.

Enhanced Drone Launch Icon.png

Enhanced Drone Launch

Increases range of remote drone.

Trenchcoat Icon.png


Double-tap to teleport in any direction.

Drone Teleport Icon.png

Drone Teleport

Teleports you to the location of your remote drone.

Sudran Key Icon.png

Sudran Key

Used to bypass certain doors on Sudra.

Red Coat Icon.png

Red Coat

Double-tap to teleport. Damages tiles and enemies in your path.

Passcode Tool Icon.png

Passcode Tool

Manipulate reality with encoded strings (use menu).

Bioflux Accelerator 2 Icon.png

Bioflux Accelerator 2

Causes mutation at max health.

Remote Drone Icon.png

Remote Drone

Fire to launch a remote drone, which you may detonate at any time to return to Trace.

Address Disruptor

Corrupts or de-corrupts weaker blocks and enemies.

Address Disruptor 2 Icon.png

Address Disruptor 2

Upgrades the power of the Address Disruptor.

Grapple Icon.png


Fires a grapple that allows you to swing from the rocks it latches onto.

Address Bomb Icon.png

Address Bomb

Concentrates the power of the Address Disruptor into a powerful explosion.

Requires bomb ammo.

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