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In Axiom Verge, Notes are collectibles that contain additional information regarding the lore and background of the game. These notes are written by various characters in the game's lore — some appearing in the game and some not.

Axiom Verge[]

Types of Notes[]

Notes can be divided into 4 groups as outlined in the table below.

Color Author Total
Purple Athetos, or one of his clones 10
Green One of the Rusalki 9
Light-Tan One of the Sudrans 8
Brown Trace 1

Purple Notes[]

Green Notes[]

Light-Tan Notes[]

Brown Notes[]

Axiom Verge 2[]

Like the first game, there are four types of notes: newspapers, white paper notes, clay tablets, and green text notes.

Color Author Total
Newspapers Earth newspapers, pre-2049 2
Green Digital Earth paper, post-2049 4
White Earthlings (other than one note) 12
Light-Tan Kiengir inhabitants 19
Unused 1



White paper.png

White Paper Notes[]

Clay tablet av2.png

Clay Tablets[]

Digital note.png

Digital Notes[]

Unused Notes[]

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