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Drones are small, four-legged, remotely controlled machines in Axiom Verge. There are several different kinds, some which can act independently and some which seem to be part of a larger machine network. However all Drones seem capable of defending themselves with some form of laser weaponry.

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Drones are stored in a small egg-like capsule until they need to be deployed. Upon impact with a hard surface or upon remote-activation, a drone will burst the capsule and then is free to walk around on its own.

In addition to more efficient storage, the capsule has the advantage of being a vehicle for launching a drone across gaps and into otherwise unreachable spaces.

List of Drones Edit

  • Battle Drones - Elsenova says that the Rusalki used Drones to fight one-another after the Rusalki themselves became immobile.
  • Remote Drone - Trace acquires this battery-powered drone and can use it to enter small spaces
  • Repair Drones - At the request of Elsenova, Trace activates these to help fix Ophelia and the other damaged Rusalki.

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