PLEASE NOTE: Cataloging and naming the creatures of Axiom Verge has been a long community effort. Please see the forum thread discussing Creature Naming for more information.

Bestiary takes on a broader definition here. This page will represent a "Field Guide"[1] for Axiom Verge, encompassing most living and non-living things in Sudra's environment. Flora (plants), fauna (animals), minerals, and certain machines can all be found included in the category of "Bestiary".

List of Creatures in Axiom Verge Edit

This list contains all manner of enemies that can be found in Axiom Verge. These include plants, animals, man-made and animal-made objects found on Sudra, as well as any environmental objects that can harm Trace.

Hacker Achievement Edit

There are 60 total enemies that must be glitched for the "Hacker" Achievement/Trophy. Those are marked based on the Key table below. There is only one enemy that can be missed: the Ukhu Wasp. BE SURE YOU GLITCH THE LITTLE WASPS THAT UKHU SPAWNS. The enemies in the hallucination sequence cannot be glitched, except for the purple Y-Type Sentry, which can be found elsewhere.

Key Edit

Abbreviation Meaning
A Achievement. Must be glitched to obtain the "Hacker" Achievement.
D Docile. Non-threatening. Harmless.
G1 Can be glitched with the Address Disruptor 1.
G2 Can be glitched with the Address Disruptor 2.
G3 Can be glitched with the Address Bomb.
H Hallucination. Only envisioned by Trace during the hallucination sequence in Ukkin-Na.
I Immobile. Does not move. May fire projectiles.
P Parasitic. Latches on to victims and drains health.

Note: Items with a G tag, but no number, are known to be glitchable, but the correct number is currently unknown.

Fauna Edit

Flora Edit

Mechanized Edit

Other Edit

Thanks to imgur user xguyextra for compiling a pictorial list of creatures.[3]

References Edit

  1. "A field guide is a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife (plants or animals) or other objects of natural occurrence (e.g. minerals)." See Wikipedia for more information.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Accoding to Wikipedia, Sea Sponges are in fact animals, and not plants. Thus, this creature is categorized under Fauna.

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