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List of Achievements & Trophies in Axiom Verge[]

There are 29 achievements that may be earned in the Steam, Xbox and PS4/Vita versions of Axiom Verge; the 30th trophy, PatternMind, is exclusive to the PS4/Vita version.

Name Description PS4/Vita Grade
PatternMind You have fulfilled your legacy. Platinum
Athetos Defeat Athetos Gold
100% Items Acquire 100% of all weapons, tools, upgrades, and notes. Gold
100% Map Uncover 100% of the game map. Gold
Overclocked Complete the entire game in under 4 hours. Gold
Mostly Invincible Complete the game without dying. Gold
Speedrunner Complete the game once in Speedrun Mode. Gold
Hard Complete the game in [sic] Hard difficulty. Gold
Low % Complete the game with under 40% of all items. Gold
Xedur Defeat the Xedur variant. Bronze
Telal Defeat the Telal variant. Bronze
Uruku Defeat the Uruku vaariant. Bronze
Gir-Tab Defeat the Gir-Tab variant. Bronze
Hallucination Be defeated by yourself. Bronze
Clone Defeat one of Athetos' aborted clones. Bronze
Ukhu Defeat the Ukhu variant. Bronze
Sentinel Defeat Sentinel. Bronze
100% Weapons Find 100% of the weapons in the game. Bronze
100% Tools Find 100% of the tools/abilities in the game. Bronze
100% Health Find 100% of Health Nodes Bronze
100% Notes Find 100% of all notes in the game. Bronze
Hack Glitch your first enemy. Bronze
Hacker Glitch every enemy type at least once. Bronze
100% Power Find 100% of all Power Nodes. Bronze
Secret World Discover your first secret world. Bronze
Pacifist Bypass Athetos' aborted clone without damaging it. Bronze
Bubble Breaker Destroy 2000 regenerating blocks. Bronze
Brick Breaker Destroy 2000 bricks. Bronze
Cryptologist Use the Passcode Tool for the first time. Bronze
Mercy Spare the Xedur Hul variant. Bronze

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