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Breach Attractor Cutscene Image

The Breach Attractor, seen in one of Axiom Verge's cutscenes.

The Breach Attractor, called the storm talisman by the Sudrans, is a piece of ancient Sudran Technology that, when activated, will pull the Breach in closer to its location.

Prior to the events of Axiom Verge, a Sudran High Priestess had already activated the Breach Attractor[1], bringing the Breach tight against the surface of Sudra. Because the Rusalki cannot move through the Breach, this action had forced them into hiding, beneath the planet's surface.

During the final battle with Athetos, the player fights to weaken the Breach Attractor's power supply. Each time the power supply is weakened, the Breach itself can be seen retreating further above the planet's surface. This allows Elsenova to fly higher and attack the Breach Attractor directly. In response, Athetos moves his chamber further up the elevator where Elsenova cannot reach.


The Breach Attractor resembles a stylized A over a V. Speculation: This is could be a simple nod to the game's title, or it could be a lore-driven decision. For example, perhaps the Sudrans built it this way for a technological or cultural reason.

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