Description Edit

The Blue Nautilus can also be found in Eribu, but are primarily found in Absu. Like the Red Nautilus, they travel along platforms and walls until they are destroyed or corrupted using the Address Disruptor. The Blue Nautilus resembles a Gastropod (Snail) having a blue foot, and a blue shell with a red pulsating dot in the center.

Corrupted Form Edit

When corrupted, the Blue Nautilus stops moving, but can still harm Trace.


The Red and Blue Nautilus share the same AI as the Geemers from Metroid, they will crawl along floors, walls and ceilings. When they reach a corner they rotate 90 degrees before continuing. The nautilus also suffers from the classic glitch that plagues Geemers, shooting a block they are crawling on causes them to be stuck in mid air rotating 90 degrees constantly.

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