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"Causes mutation at max health."

The Bioflux Accelerator creates a mutation in Trace's body that will grow two (four with the 2nd upgrade) red, snake-like writhing tentacles from his back. These tentacles only grow when Trace is at full health. The tentacles will fire a small red projectile in straight-line path in front of Trace. The projectile cannot be aimed; The 1st upgrade fires horizontally about eye level, the 2nd pelvis level. The tentacles will recede into Trace's back if he does not fire a weapon for a period of time. They continue auto-firing as long as the shoot button is held down.

Elsenova says the syringe contains "small blood machines", probably meaning nanomachines[1], that "can provide powerful modification". A peculiar note about the interaction between Elsenova and Trace is that she tells him she has "transferred necessary info using near connection". This implies that Elsenova can manipulate Trace's body.

Trace: "A syringe lying in the middle of a room?  That's just a bit ominous."

Elsenova: "This contains, how you say, small blood machines?  Like in your mind. They can provide powerful modification. Please, take them!"

Trace: "Don't tell me you want me to stick myself with this thing?!"

Elsenova: "Too late; I have transferred necessary info using near connection.  Your body will produce, now."

Trace: "Injection over wireless?  Somehow that's even MORE terrifying. What did you do to me?"

Elsenova: "You will find this useful.  But, only works if you are uninjured."

Trace: "Thanks - I guess."

Bioflux Accelerator 2[]

There are two syringes in the game, both with the name "Bioflux Accelerator". One uses a red icon and the other uses a purple icon. They can be obtained in any order, but the red one is accessible first—thus, the purple one is deemed number "2". When both are obtained, Trace will have four tentacles growing from his back instead of two. This increases the number of projectiles fired. The projectiles alternate between upper and lower while the attack button is held.


The Bioflux Accelerator can be found in the lower portion of Zi by leaping up to a ledge just to the left of the first save room. Following this path to its end will lead to the Bioflux Accelerator.

The Bioflux Accelerator 2 can be found in Edin, in a small floating room that has no doors or windows.


How to get the syringe in Edin

The player must use a combination of Upgrades to teleport into the room and obtain the syringe. The video shows how this can be done. The Trenchcoat is capable of getting into the enclosed area.


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