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It must not be forgotten, the legacy of Sudra. In those far remote days, it was a time of war, of battles between angry demons and angry men, when roaring storms of fire and darkness were cast like stones between combatants.

It was not until the sky ocean was torn asunder, the last crop turned to dust, the last brick of the last home shattered, and the last warrior and the last demon lie dying, that the people understood their sin.

And so the arms of the apocalypse were sealed, the masters of patterns castrated, the old machines returned to slumber.

The legacy of Sudra is atonement. It is reparation of the sea and the stars. It is the suffering that brings our salvation.

About the Note[]

This is a light-tan note written in Sudran. This is Note 01.


E-Kur-Mah in the first room, in the center of the last pyramid shaped terrain. Use the Laser Drill from the left.