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"Corrupts or de-corrupts weaker blocks and enemies."

Sometimes called "the glitch gun," the Address Disruptor is a tool that rapidly fires out waves of blue rectangles in a cone in front of Trace. Corruptible blocks or enemies that are caught in the cone will be corrupted or "glitched" and will change form in some way. Enemies usually become easier to defeat, and blocks may become passable or impassable.

The Address Disruptor can become more powerful with the Address Disruptor 2 upgrade.

The properties of blocks which can be corrupted or de-corrupted are pre-set in the map data. One or more of the following properties will be set:

  •  Remove Passability
  •  Apply Passability
  •  Apply Damageable
  •  Remove Damageable
  •  Apply Field
  •  Remove Field
  •  Apply Surface
  •  Remove Surface
  •  Apply Glitchable
  •  Remove Glitchable
  •  Render In Back
  •  Render In Front
  •  Show
  •  Hide

The behaviour and properties of enemies which can be corrupted may be set to that of another enemy. The enemy behaviour that they would be changed to will be noted on the enemies' wiki page.

Primordial Code is displayed on the upper-right side when this tool is used.


The Address Disruptor is obtained in Absu immediately after defeating the game's second boss, the Telal Variant. It can be found in the room just below where the boss is fought.




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