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"Concentrates the power of the Address Disruptor into a powerful explosion.

Requires bomb ammo"

The Address Bomb is the third and most powerful corruption tool Trace can get. It requires bomb ammo which enemies spawn/drop on their destruction like health once Trace has acquired this upgrade. At most Trace can hold three bomb ammo, one being used each time he fires the Address Bomb. It appears as a slow moving purple projectile launched out of the Axiom Disruptor which darkens the room, then explodes causing the room to appear as grey corruption with static noise and scanlines, similar but more prominent to the appearance of Secret Worlds. It is capable of clearing the strong corruption Trace finds in Eribu, Absu & Edin that causes damage to Trace and enemies on contact, and makes a strange crackling pink noise when trace is near. The area the bomb affects when detonated extends outside the screen bounds. Most enemies have a 15% chance of spawning a single Bomb Ammo when killed. Blade Vines' tails turn to bomb ammo when corrupted after Trace acquires the Address Bomb.

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Trace finds this Upgrade in Edin, in the center of the Rusalki body hangar shortly after his encounter with the Aborted Clone.

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