Absu Map
Absu is the second area that Trace travels in his trek through Sudra. Much of Absu's environment is a cavern with colors ranging from green to purple to pink. There are also areas teeming with alien fungi, vines and other plant life. A notably distinct section in the bowels of Absu contains the remnants of a Sudran dungeon/prison, littered with bones and Ghouls. Other sections include a dining hall, ventilation ducts, maintenance room and a hallway with lava flowing under it. The Etymology of Absu is Ocean which also means Abzu

In Absu, Trace will meet Elsenova face-to-face for the first time, and the true depth of the problems facing Sudra will begin to surface.

Enemies Edit

Boss Edit

Telal Variant

Standard Edit

Red Nautilus (11), Hive (1), Purple Wasp, Green Glider (18), Large Butterfly (1), Small Butterfly, Red Scissorbeak (5), Blue Nautilus (55), Walking Shrub (10), Pink Giant Diatom (27), Purple Giant Diatom (4), Jellyfish (11), Carnivorous Silk Bug (4), Sudran Squid (12), Brown Ghoul (12), Gray Ghoul (6)

Other Edit

Mushroom Spore Spawner (18), Red Bubbleblock, Repair Drone (1), Streeg (1 stuck in inaccessible wall area)

Items Edit

Upgrades Edit

Address Disruptor 1

Weapons Edit

Power-Ups Edit

Notes Edit

Connected Zones Edit

  • Eribu - Above and slightly west
  • Indi - Above
  • Zi - East

Possible Secret World Entrances Edit

12 - Easy Difficulty

Music Edit

"Otherworld" for most areas and "Ambient" in the Prison areas.

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